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The Desert Mordor

Oprah Winfrey showed Rania, a Saudi woman who was almost beaten to death by her husband. She used this segment to talk about the unfair and unequal treatment of women in Saudi Arabia. Essam objected to Oprah's show by writing this article in the Arab News.

Then came this remark by Qays:

At times I just wish miss Oprah would stop being a good house slave and represent the facts right.


The "facts" that Oprah got wrong are never exactly stated. Instead, Oprah is savaged for showing Saudi Arabia in a bad light. Cry me a river.

Here are a few FACTS about Saudi Arabia:

  • Women must cover their bodies from head to toe in an abaya and never be in the company of unrelated males.
  • Women are forbidden from voting.
  • Women are not allowed driver licenses. It is illegal for them to drive.
  • Women are not allowed to work in the majority of jobs.
  • Women must have the consent of their guardian for travel (father or husband). Even then they can only travel with a male relative.
  • The Mutaween (the religious police) enforce the above Islamist laws. For example, in March of 2002:

Saudi Arabia's religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.

15 of the girls died in the inferno as some of their parents waited outside. The Mutaween would rather have females burn to death than have them show an ankle in public. How anyone can defend Saudi Arabia is beyond me.

Punishing the Hapless Victim

From Hijabi Madness comes this story:

"They told me to be quiet and not to tell anybody because it would ruin my reputation," Dr. Shazia remembers. One official warned that if she reported the crime [of rape], she could be arrested.

That was a genuine risk. Under Pakistan's hudood laws, a woman who reports that she has been raped is liable to be arrested for adultery or fornication - since she admits to sex outside of marriage - unless she can provide four male eyewitnesses to the rape. . .

"When I treat rape victims, I tell the girls not to go to the police," Dr. Shershah Syed, a prominent gynecologist in Karachi, told me. "Because if she goes to the police, the police will rape her."

[Emphasis mine]

Rape victims are punished in Muslim countries. For example, in Saudi Arabia women who've been raped are punished by lashings. In Iran if a married woman cannot prove that she was indeed raped, then the charge of adultery is levied on her. The punishment for which is death by stoning.

Their is this sick mentality in large parts of the Muslim world: women are largely, some say completely, responsible for their and their family's honor. That honor is violated when they're raped. Hence, they deserve harsh, and sometimes deadly, punishment to cleanse the dishonor.

The Left: Portrait of Abject Lunacy

I came across this post which led me to this puerile article:

He [Victor Davis Hanson] doesn't even suspect what a total hypocrite he is. According to his official online bio, Hanson graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1975. I don't know if you non-Californians understand what that means. UC Santa Cruz is the official sex-and-drugs campus of the whole UC system. It's so hippie-cool and mellow it doesn't even give grades, which are just too bourgeois. You just get little notes from your teachers. The kids who go there are rich brats who don't have to worry about getting a job-because graduating from there is like telling your future employers you were stoned for four straight years.

And Hanson graduated from there in 1975. I can only dream about what it must've been like to be a student at Santa Cruz back then, at the climax of the hippie days. I seriously doubt if anybody on that campus was un-stoned from enrolment to graduation, or un-laid for more than a week.

So here's a question for you, Professor Hanson, Mister Morality: how many coeds did you screw when you were at UC Santa Cruz? And how many drugs did you take?

The title of the article? Victor Hanson: Portrait of an American Traitor.

This is what the Left has come down to. The Islamist terrorists in Iraq are Minutemen and a university professor with whom they disagree is a traitor.

Read it all and weep.

More Fronts, Please

Mohammed at Iraq the Model echoes Michael Ledeen:

I would say that the war in Iraq would not stop unless it is taken to another front and our strategy must focus on chasing terrorism and striking its bases and strongholds instead of waiting for it to strike.

The objectives of our mission cannot be accomplished without changing the Syrian and Iranian regimes in any possible way because the battle in Iraq will not stop until guns are heard in Syria and Iran.
These two regimes are looking for half-solutions that prolong their stay for several more years and of course they've learned from Saddam who managed to stay in power for 12 years after 1991 by making full use of half-solutions.
Our current situation cannot tolerate further postponement and every delay will reflect negatively on democracy in Iraq and peace in the Middle East and I fear that the signs of changes that are emerging in Yemen, Lebanon and Egypt would be buried in their cradle before they see the daylight IF the regimes felt safe again.

I agree.

The Fourth World War will not end if we do not crush these two essential regimes: Iran and Saudi Arabia. These two represent the nerve centers of Islamist terrorism and the ideology that perpetuates it.

The Pajamahaddin Serve No Master

The great Austrian economist Friedrich von Hayek gets some well-deserved credit in an op-ed by Richard Posner:

The charge by mainstream journalists that blogging lacks checks and balances is obtuse. The blogosphere has more checks and balances than the conventional media; only they are different. The model is Friedrich Hayek's classic analysis of how the economic market pools enormous quantities of information efficiently despite its decentralized character, its lack of a master coordinator or regulator, and the very limited knowledge possessed by each of its participants.

Precisely. The Blogosphere doesn't need a North Korean planner or an editor. Its power resides in the very fact that it's decentralized.

Link via Instapundit.

Respect for Women

I started reading this post of a Muslim in the US who went to Saudi Arabia for Umrah (think of it as a mini-Haj) and then on to Pakistan. I was interested in reading his observations since I've also been to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. There was this one sentence that caught my eye.

"Ihraam" refers to the state of purity that a pilgrim enters. It comes from the arabic word "haraam" meaning prohibited, and means to make haraam for oneself what would normally be halaal (allowed). Women are allowed to wear any type of clothing, as long as it covers then [sic] according to Islamic custom, which is basically what they should be wearing anyway.

[Italics mine]

Guys have it so well in Islam. However, the women should look like dementors.

Oops, the first link was broken, fixed now. My bad.

Kennedy Got Ripped a New One

This post by Cassandra should be read in its ruthless entirety. Example:

One expects more from a professor at Stanford University, but then as I observed in the comments section of Grim's post, you don't have to be a horse's ass to write for the Times... but it helps.


I found the Villainous Company via this post at Right Wing News. You should check out the blogs that John recommends. They're all excellent.

The Ever-Expensive Power

I upgraded from my Nvidia TNT2 to an Nvidia GeForce TI 4200 in 2002. I thought I was paying an exorbitant amount for a graphics card. As I was buying it, another dude walked in the computer shop and paid over $600 in cash to buy a high-end ATI card. I was stunned. My TNT card cost less than a $100 and the GeForce was around $250. But over $600 for a graphics card! Since then, the price of the top graphics card has inched even higher.

Today, Nvidia stated that they sold 1.5 million SLI motherboards. That is astonishing because these motherboards can accept two high-end graphics cards. In other words, the two graphics cards alone will cost the consumer at least $1600. According to Tom's Hardware, because of high demand the geeks likely pay around $2000 for their two puppies. On top of this, they need an awesome, and expensive, power supply to feed the two monsters.

$2000. That's more than the entire cost of the components in my tower.


John Hawkins quotes from Ric Flair's To Be the Man:

Because of the ravages of Parkinson's disease, it was difficult to understand Muhammad Ali when he spoke. But at one function, we were sitting at a big, round table with a group of North Korean luminaries when one of the guys started rambling on about the moral superiority of North Korea, and how they could take out the United States or Japan any time they wanted. Suddenly, Ali piped up, clear as a bell, "No wonder we hate these motherf*ckers."

Wow. Read the entire excerpt and shudder.

Bret Hart once made around $20,000 a day. The North Koreans slave for $1 per day in their morally superior paradise.

I imagine the North Korean regime would never invite Hulk Hogan.

Kate Pwns Loulwa

Saudi Princess Loulwa al-Faisal gets bitch-slapped by a venomous blogger. The Saudi sugarcoated PR doesn't pass the smell test with Kate.

I love the Internet. It's a destroyer of medieval hierarchies.

Off topic: I did a spell check to correctly spell "hierarchies" and found out that "blogger" was underlined. So, the typepad dictionary gives your humble, ahem, blogger suggestions: logger, flogger, blocker, bigger, boggier, blog, bulgier, bloke...

I find it funny that the word "blog" is in the dictionary but "blogger" isn't.

A Small Light in an Ocean of Darkness

Ramsey Abdullah is a very brave man:

Questions About Faith, a show broadcast by a Europe-based Christian satellite station called Life TV, is creating a stir throughout the Middle East. The show, a vehicle for Christian apologetics, directly addresses issues that lie at the heart of the Islamic faith, such as Muhammad’s life and the Koran’s authenticity. Given the monopoly that Islam has had on religious discourse in the region, the show is notable for this fact alone. But even more novel is the fact that the program’s most frequent host is a convert from Islam to Christianity. Such open speech by a convert is an unheard-of challenge to Islam in its heartland.

Love Overfloweth

Dhimmi Watch:

You'd think the vast majority of decent, law-abiding Muslims (about whom we hear so much, but whom we never see taking action against the jihadists) would be coming up to Lieuwe van Gogh, son of the murdered Theo van Gogh, expressing their sorrow, and offering their condolences.

Yeah, right:

Recently, Lieuwe was transferred to another class, in another building of his school, after he'd been repeatedly bullied by Muslim pupils. His grandmother said that Lieuwe had had to endure taunts like "Good thing they killed your dad."...

The Dutch seem to be nourishing the young Jihadis rather than deporting them.

Ingenuity of the West

Arthur Chrenkoff:

Iraq is slowly becoming a testing ground for some non-lethal military technologies, particularly those designed to deal with suspected suicide car bombs:

- Nets that pop up remotely from the road and ensnare the wheels and suspensions of oncoming vehicles.

- Instant oil slicks that cause vehicles to skid and crash and pedestrians to fall down.

- Military paint-ball guns that coat windshields to blind drivers of oncoming cars. Some troops are trying small lasers to temporarily blind opponents in cars or on foot.

- Venom, a system of small mortar-like tubes that fire rounds that explode like fireworks at a range of up to 200 yards away. The pyrotechnics keep suspect vehicles or people away. Although the rounds are still in testing, the Marines have committed $14 million to buy 250 units.

The military hopes to develop guns that fire energy pulses that destroy ignitions or other critical components to cause a car or truck to stop. A prototype of such a system is probably five years off...

This brings to mind the varied Allied scientists and engineers during WWII. They worked at breakneck speed to neutralize the onslaught of the Axis powers. For example, when the Blitz started, the Brits found out a way to mess with the aviation of German planes which led to quite a few of them going astray towards rural areas. Chickens often paid the price for this life-saving creativity.

It is, again, assuring and amazing to see the genius in the West help the war effort of the Free World.

Shocking News...

If true:

It turns out that a month ago, the United States tried to apprehend Haroon Rashid Aswat, the terrorist suspected of involvement in the London bombings and just arrested in Zambia, only to have the British Government say no.

Later on:

UPDATE: FoxNews reports that a "U.S. official insisted that a formal request was never made to the South African government or the British government" for Aswat to be detained. This, if true, just stuns me. The guy was wanted for questioning, why wouldn't we ask for him to be taken into custody?

Good question. Let's see if the answer is forthcoming.

Link via La Shawn Barber.

Baby, Baby, Baby, Whoa.

A lucid take on pumping up Aguilera in Guantanamo:

Mohammed Al Qhatani is your everyday Joe who oversaw the massacre of innocents on 9/11.

A pleasant fellow indeed.

And then the true shocker....inhuman and cruel punishment if there is one.

He is made to listen , in loop, to Christina Aguilera's "Genie In a Bottle" ............

Oh... I feel like I've been locked up tight
For a century of lonely nights
Waiting for someone
To release me

You're licking your lips and blowing kisses my way
But that dont mean I'm gonna give it away
Baby, baby, baby (baby, baby, baby)
Oh whoa... My body's saying let's go
Oh whoa... But my heart is saying no (no)

And Qhatani asks himself----are the virgins and young boys in heaven really worth this ? Please please..........RELEASE ME.

Read the comments for more fireworks.

Moderate, My A**

Andrew Bolt finally wakes up:

It's time we accepted the difficult truth: many of the Muslims we invite to live in Australia want to destroy us.

Later on:

Only last week I'd praised Sheik Fehmi as a good man, who'd condemned the London bombings. But a day later he was asked about fellow Melbourne sheik Mohammed Omran, a friend of a suspected al-Qaida boss, who'd claimed September 11 was really the work of a US-based conspiracy.

"He is entitled to his own thinking," Fehmi replied meekly. Then, asked if Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorists had committed those attacks, he added: "We cannot say. We do not know these things."

How can Muslim leaders fight terrorism, when the most moderate of them won't condemn even bin Laden, or admit that monster's self-confessed guilt?

Bin Laden is the Muslim Elvis. Any imam would condemn him at his own risk.

How hapless we've been, refusing to admit we were importing a problem that multiculturalism could only make worse.

Yes! Spread the truth and support your great P.M.

Link via Faith Freedom International.

It's For Your Own Good II

This is a sequel for a post from yesterday.

Kevin Fleming on this story:

"Gingrich, out of elected office, was free to depart from his anti-government roots. With Clinton nodding in support, he came out in favor of mandatory daily physical education, healthful food in schools and a "transfer of finances" from rich to poor. Some of this," Gingrich said after a long list of concessions to the left, "may surprise you."

Mandatory exercise and diets? Mandatory??

Hey, if recovering health care costs and certainly reducing the sales of cigarettes by taxing them was alright, then why not taxing fast food or candies or fatty foods. Even better, make daily exercise mandatory. It will reduce health care costs plus IT'S GOOD FOR YOU, YOU MORON.


This encroachment into our private lives was the main reason for my opposing extra taxes on (and outright banning of) cigarettes. If the government can do that to a *bad* substance, then what's stopping them from extending that logic to sugary foods. The stated reason for the cigarette laws was the health of non-smokers and added costs to health care but we know that was baloney.

The government wanted it's hands on more general revenue. Of course, a lot of people bought the health and costs excuses and that's one of the many problems with a socialist-style system. The costs for your actions (smoking, not wearing seat belts, always sitting in front of a TV) are incurred by the entire society. Thus, the rest of society has an interest in making your actions as risk-free as possible. Ergo, you end up with less freedom. Mandatory exercise or mandatory fitness is the socialist health care logic taken to it's extreme.

Kevin Fleming:

P.S. Has Gingrich gone completely mad?

It seems he has embraced the Dark Side. It's a tragedy.

Terrorists with Rocket Launchers

Michelle Malkin:

The threat of an al Qaeda attack using shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles has been of increasing concern to homeland security officials. Last year, the FBI arrested two imams in Albany, N.Y., in connection with a sting operation involving laundered funds that the defendants were led to believe were proceeds from the sale of a missile launcher to be used in a New York City terrorist plot. Federal prosecutors noted during the trial of convicted al Qaeda bomb plotter Wadih El-Hage that his role entailed "conveying military orders from Bin Laden including . . . seeking weapons including Stinger missiles for al Qaeda members."

A horrific picture from JWR:


Little Love

Imagine: you're married and you have two sons and your wife is pregnant. Would you not wish for a daughter? To be honest, I would. Of course, if I had two daughters, I would wish for a son. This desire is very understandable.

Though, the whole mournful attitude expressed in this post is quite grotesque. Get a load of the enlightened uncle:

then there's the whole issue of my sisters and i being given a private education when all the boys in the family went to public schools, did their matric, and went to college right here in Pakistan. in the exact words of one of my uncles: "why are you spending so much on girls' education. the minute they grow older you should get them married off, too much education will just ruin them"

Yup, you read that right. Too much education will just ruin the girls. This is the mainstream attitude in Pakistan. It is truly sad that Manny's parents have to constantly defend themselves for giving their daughters an education.

Required Reading

In The Red Zone: The Naive American.

Those who've lived in Muslim countries can only explain that culture and society to the Westerners, they can't comprehend it for the Westerners. However, this post comes very close in lucidly showcasing "the Other."

To all Americans: take it from a member of "the Other," American values are far superior compared to any other culture on Earth. Always remember that and never hesitate to state that truism.

Multiculturalism be damned!

It's For Your Own Good. Honest.

Smoking while driving could soon be illegal in New Jersey. Jeff Goldstein:

Answer me this: how would such a rule not set the precedent that leads, following the logic of “highway safety” advocates, to a future ban on radios, fast food, cell phones, oral sex, lipstick, chapstick, manual transmissions, Big Gulps, open windows, the voice boxes of other passengers, and a host of other potential “distractions” that can take place inside the cockpit of an automobile?

Oral sex? Really. Yeah, I wanna see them ban that!

I think the precedent has already been set. Banning cell phones was it. From there, anything that could be a potential "distraction" is fair game for the government. Even if the activity causes 1% of all fatal accidents.


What about the restrictions of freedom in your own car?




It is sad but true. Those in the Middle East who don't believe in conspiracy theories are thought of as wackos. Believe me I know. I've had people look at me like a nutjob in Saudi Arabia because I didn't think the Iraq war was about OILLL...and 9/11 was not the work of the US government...and 3000-5000 Jews didn't leave the WTC on 9/11...and the Osama videos are not made by Hollywood actors with special effects...and there is no Zionist-Crusader Conspiracy to keep the Ummah get the demented picture.