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It is time to return to the basic principles of justice that served America so well even in the most perilous times of the past. Shutting down Guantánamo is just a first step. But it is a crucial step that would pay instant dividends around the world, not only toward repairing America's reputation but also toward enhancing its overall security.

[Emphasis mine]

Let me get this straight. If America were to shut down Guantanamo, then terrorists would get less recruits. How exactly does that work? How would treating terrorists with kid gloves make us safer?

My opinion is that this Guantanamo business has no impact on the production of new terrorists. However, there would be one noticeable effect if the US were to close down Guantanamo: the new terrorists would feel much superior and hold the wussy US in even more contempt. I guarantee you that.

Link via LFG.


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