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The Meaning of Freedom

Mark Steyn is against the flag burning amendment in the US. I agree with him. Though, I'm not an American citizen, I do own a US flag. Every single time I see a US flag burned or torn apart, I initially cringe. Old Glory means a lot to me. It's a shining symbol of sacrifice, strength, honor, and a proud history. Men far better than I have died over the centuries for that flag. Yet, callous creatures take pleasure in destroying it. Should they not be thrown in jail or at least fined for the gross offense?


I can list a litany of events, gestures, and manners that are offensive to me. But that doesn't mean that they should be illegal. Take a recent example. Flushing or attempting to flush a Koran is revoltingly offensive to some Americans. What good can come out of such behavior? None, really. That doesn't imply that such activity should be unlawful.

Similarly, as long as a jackass burns his/her own flag, the activity should be legal. That's in essence what freedom is: allowing people to do what you yourself abhor.

I wince at the sight of a burning US flag. Then, I mull over the deprave scene and the whole situation somewhat soothes the pain. After 9/11, the US sent their finest over 7000 miles of ocean and land. They destroyed the Islamist regime in Afghanistan. The sadistic reign of Saddam is history. His two sons rot in the eternal inferno. Inch by inch the US military and the Iraqi forces are gaining back Iraq from terrorists. Abrams flow in Baghdad and the Marines took care of Fallujah.

How do anti-American dopes and Islamist morons respond to this? They get together, chant death to America, and burn the US flag. It's a true demonstration of the gulf of might that exists between America and hate-the-US groups. America is healthy, thriving, growing, and killing Islamist thugs everyday whereas her opponents are utterly impotent. Let them burn.


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