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La Shawn Barber says it like it is:

I’ll break it down for obtuse readers. I don’t think our troops or anyone serving in the armed forces should be “punished” for “desecrating” the Koran. I think it’s idiocy of the highest order to have federal rules (or whatever they’re called) on how to handle the book and a potentially fatal distraction in the war against Islamofacism [sic].

Can you think of any other book or document that the US government chooses to treat as holy? I can't. It is sheer lunacy to treat the Koran with added respect since that would definitely imply that no other book is worthy of such rich treatment. That would be, in effect, asserting the superiority of the Koran.

Note to Americans: these are Islamist terrorists. Remember 9/11, the Bali horror, the train bombings in Spain, and the rape and murder of children at Beslan. Yeah, we're dealing with evil. Don't put any stock in their oh-so-hurt feelings.

Get a grip, you're fighting a World War.

Update: Captain Ed agrees.


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