In Darkness
KFC Special


Final Update: You can view all my "heavy" posts on one page by clicking here. I often submit them to FFI and Western Resistance as well.


Cruel Affection
Faith Freedom International: Cruel Affection
Islam Watch: Cruel Affection

What Doesn't Offend the Muslims
Faith Freedom International: What Doesn't Offend the Muslims
Islam Watch: What Doesn't Offend the Muslims

What Muslims Learn
Faith Freedom International: What Muslims Learn
Western Resistance: A Window Into the World of Learning: Saudi Arabia
Islam Watch: What Muslims Learn


How Islam Treats the Dead
Faith Freedom International: How Islam Treats the Dead
Western Resistance: How Islam Treats the Dead

Faith Freedom International: The Perversion of History

Faith Freedom International: Musings of a Murtad

* * * *

The following four essays detail my personal and ideological journey through four countries: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the US, and Canada. If I could recommend only one essay, it would be the third one.

1.0. In Darkness

2.0. The Land of Trinity

3.0. IX . XI

4.0. In Delirium

Think of these posts as "deleted scenes" from the above four essays:

1.1. Honor in Slavery

1.2. The Ideal Life

1.3. Instruction by Monsters

2.1. Pesky Questions

2.2. Cold

* * * *



How come you have a German sounding name? OR are you a pakistani of german decent

Isaac Schrödinger

Isaac Schrödinger is *not* my real name. It's just a pseudonym which I picked.

To the best of my knowledge, I'm not of German descent since both my parents are from the Asian subcontinent.


Welcome to the real world. I glad to have your voice on the side of freedom and liberty.

Thx for your perspective and even more thanks for your intelligence and fortitude.

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