Islamism in Bangladesh


Colin Meade:

It is a fact that very many people in both Europe and the Middle East are possessed by a burning need to annihilate the Jewish state of Israel. One of the most popular tactics used to prevent discussion of the reasons behind this bizarre obsession is the argument that "Yes, we are opposed to antisemitism, but we must also be opposed to Islamophobia".

This false equivalence confuses rational criticism of and comment on things which really exist - Islam and the behaviour of individuals and regimes claiming to act on its behalf - with the exposure and rejection of paranoid fantasies about Jews and Israel.

[Emphasis mine]

Another word for this flavor of blunt talk would be Orientalism. MSM tries to be balanced by referring to Islamist terrorists as insurgents or rebels. While most academics praise the Islamic civilization of the past so as not to appear as Orientalist. That is extremely pathetic and dangerous. The very institutions and people who should be illuminating the Muslim world are, de facto, helping the Islamists.

The Islamists have the will to fight but have limited means. The situation is reversed for the West.

Read the last lucid paragraph.


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