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PM Question #2

Roger L. Simon:

The basic question is - how do we achieve this [the separation of reporting and editorializing] while the preserving the openness of blogs and blogging, which is their hallmark?

There are many sub-questions as well: Who makes the decisions about what is accurate? To what extent are standards different for individual blogs in our ad network and for the Blog News Service portal? (Someone has suggested we have a sticker of sorts on posts differentiating fact and opinion.) Do we need to apply particularly high standards to breaking news we might syndicate for sale to established media? If so, how do we do that given the speed necessary in those situations? Traditional editors? Committees of bloggers? A combination? Some have dreamed of creating a "Blog AP" - indeed we will try to do this - but how do we meld scrupulous accuracy with the spontaneity and freshness that make blogging what it is?

Do add your suggestions in the comments.


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