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David Bernstein:

Egypt, remember, is at "peace" with Israel. I'd hate to see what lies and distortions the government's website would come up with if they were still at war.

Antisemitism is mainstream in the Muslim world. Hating the Jews gets one street-cred in the Muslim community. The opposite could be hazardous to ones health. On a related note, our friends, the Saudis, don't even allow Jews in the country. They only make exceptions for PR reason like allowing Thomas Friedman to enter the kingdom. So, how many other US allies do you know of that bar Jews?

The quotation marks around peace are well justified. They're in no way shape or form at "peace". Terrorists enter into the West Bank through Egypt at will. The Egyptian government yearly accepts over 2 billion dollars from the US while simultaneously allowing the terrorists to do what they please. It's a sham.


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