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False and Pathetic Impressions

Read this post before continuing. My take on the four points follow.

1. Americans want to dominate, by brute force if necessary.

Americans simply wish to live their lives in peace and prosperity. I know. It's shocking. I lived for two years in the US and in all that time I didn't meet a single American who wished to 'dominate' any part of the world. America had control of Japan and large parts of Germany after the Second World War. These are presently the second and third largest economies in the world. In 1945, the American public didn't want the troops stationed there indefinitely so that they could 'dominate' these two Axis powers. When these two countries reached stable, democratic and decent governments, the Americans were content. How many other nations have shown such magnanimity, towards their foes, in defeat?

Today, the Japanese and Germans can kick out the American troops whenever they desire. There is absolutely no domination of these two rich countries. They are free to decide their foreign policy as they see fit. For example, Germany decided to stay out of the Battle of Iraq whereas the Japanese have lent a helping hand.

America is taking care of the root cause, Islamism, in the Fourth World War. Throughout the 80s and 90s, there were small-scale attacks on Americans and the federal government did little in response. Now, after 9/11, America has to retaliate and liberate the Muslim world (there are other options but they don't involve liberation). Americans are fighting to liberate because it's the least bloody method of winning the war.

New Americans come to America to leave behind the rest of the world. They're not interested in conquering resources by spending treasure and spilling blood. They wish to live a life. They're only responding because that life was threatened by a band of evil thugs and the demented culture that spawned them.

2. Europeans know more about Americans and their leaders, than we do about European leaders and Europeans.


3. Americans, per-capita, do not give to charity nearly as often as Europeans.

How is charity defined? There were over 300,000 US troops in Europe during the Third World War holding off the Evil Empire. The US spent over 5% of her GDP on defense in the 1980s to crack the Soviet Union. The US sent around 500,000 troops to save Kuwait, or whatever was left of it, in 1991. The US single-handedly destroyed the Taliban and captured or killed most of the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Now, the Iraqis laugh at Saddam.

To this day, there are large numbers of US troops in South Korea, Japan, and Germany. The US Navy, ahem, dominates and protects the oceans for world trade. The stingy US sent quick relief to the tsunami victims thanks to the tools of death.

Yet, all this is not counted as charity. Thus, giving a completely false impression of American generosity.

4.  In general, Liberals and Socialists are just as patriotic as Conservatives.

Bwahaha. Sorry.

Here is a simple test of "you might be unpatriotic" in the US.

  • If you think that the thug infested UN has moral authority over the most successful republic in history might be unpatriotic.
  • If you think that there is NO terrorist threat might be unpatriotic.
  • If you think that Zarqawi and his butcher corps is equivalent to the Minutemen might be unpatriotic.
  • If you think that Lenin, Stalin, Castro, and Guevara had good ideas might be unpatriotic.
  • If you think that the Battle of Iraq is all about the OILLL might be unpatriotic.
  • If you think that President Bush is a bigger threat to civilization than Osama bin Laden might be unpatriotic.
  • If your thoughts on the men and women rebuilding Iraq is SCREW EM might be unpatriotic.
  • And if you think that military spending is a waste and that that money could be better spent in education and/or health care and/or making a new food pyramid might be unpatriotic.

That's it.


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