No Peace For You
Surrounded by 5.1

Brain Drain

Wow. Take a look at the graphs in this post. Only 24% of Arab Americans are Muslim! That figure seems incredibly low. It makes sense for more non-Muslims to leave the Middle East since they are the most repressed in the society but I didn't think the number would be as high as 76%.

This must have a very distorting effect on the Arab societies. They lose, or rather push away, competent and skilled people. American society is richer and thus better off for it. This loss is in addition to the highly skilled Muslim labor these socities lose every year. On a related note, I once read a sad statistic about Iran: there are more Iranian doctors in Canada (pop. 33 million) than in Iran (pop. 68 million).

I wonder what the religion breakdown figures are like for Iran, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan?


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