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Gere Sells His Souls

Women are a Burden

And that's why they're treated like this:

Worst of all are the forced marriages to which they [the Muslim women in Europe] are subjected. They are taken by their parents, often at a young age, “back” to Pakistan, where they are told that they are getting married, often to a first cousin. Their fathers regard their British passports with all the respect Hitler accorded to treaties. The young women have possession of their passports only fleetingly, as they pass through immigration. Thereafter, they are confiscated by the father and held as ransom against their good behavior, which in this, as in every other, instance means doing as they are told.

More than half the marriages in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are between first and second cousins. I, sadly, have cousins who are married to their cousins, and know relatives who have beaten their wives.

There is simply no concept of women rights in the Muslim world. The few written laws for protecting women are just window dressing for the Westerners. In reality, the women are completely at the mercy of their families. They're mostly uneducated and don't know English or local and Western laws. A few and mighty brave women who understand the situation start shelters and organizations to help the many, literally, battered women in the society. In return, the relatives of these sheltered women threaten these brave souls for providing help to the 'disgraced women' and 'whores'. In some cases in Pakistan for example, these relatives have attacked shelters to kill off the daughter or sister for bringing shame on the family.

It is very surreal to actually witness these attitudes and behaviors. This religion and the many cultures have to forward centuries now to provide women the same rights as they exist in the West. Most men, especially the hardcore religious types, will lash out even more severely before the women finally have rights. It's honestly quite atrocious and immoral.



I'm a new blogger on Belmont Club. Wretchard kindly gave me space to discuss the plight of Muslim women. By co-incidence, this meme was my initial post, and from the young woman's remark on winning --"I Could Scream"-- I derived the title of my blog.

The link is below. There is more info than Dalrymple gave in his essay, though his article was compelling.

(also look for the post on the Saudi maid that Crown Prince Abdullah suddenly took an interest in saving. Well, in saving what was left of her)


Just noticed that you have both my blogs already rolled.


followed a link over from...from Geopolitical Review, I think and just started reading.

That ADD will get you every time.


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