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Thin Deterrence

A very disturbing and illuminating post at Chicago Boyz by Lexington Green:

They say we would have made it to Paris in a week.

Easy. We had a sea of tanks in the Western Group of Forces. Three tank armies! And what did the Germans have? The workweek ends on Friday and then you wouldn't find anyone, not a minister or a soldier. Just guards. By the time they realized what was happening, we would have burned up their tanks and looted their armories. There was no question about it.

Thank Heavens for Ronald Reagan.

The major problem in the present war is that, by definition, the terrorists are irrational. They're willing to die for those young, pure and lustful 72 virgins. The short-term strategery is to pre-empt them and provide nation-states the tools to fight them. Unfortunately, a few dictatorships have no desire to help in killing or capturing the terrorists. The top priority now is to destroy such dictatorships. The long-term strategery for these failed nation-states requires democracy, free speech, independent judiciaries, rights for women and religious minorities, and, of course, WHISKEY, and SEXY.

No doubt this will be tough but I am sure that the West will triumph. It's only a matter of when not if.


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