The Word is Spreaded
A Matter of Choice

The Next Battle

From the Gates of Vienna:

This is Michael Totten's view, up close. Having gone to Lebanon to see for himself and to report back to Spirit of America, he finds himself unable to leave. There is a countdown now, an immediate goal on which the factions in Lebanon can agree: the government must announce elections to be held in May. In order to be in compliance with this demand, the announcement would have to happen at least thirty days prior -- in this case, April 29th. The tent city leaders have erected a large electric sign with the number of days remaining. It is an electrifying sign, one which galvanizes those who see it. Amazing that government doesn't dare take it down.

The Baathist regime in Syria will soon be buried in the dense and rotting graveyard of tyranny. Finally, the Lebanese and the Syrians will join the Afghanis and Iraqis in enjoying freedoms.


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