On Their Own

The Best 20

If one could only read 20 political websites for the next year...John Hawkins provided his list, here's mine:

  1. Instapundit
  2. Jewish World Review
  3. National Review Online
  4. Little Green Footballs
  5. Belmont Club
  6. Victor Davis Hanson
  7. Pejmanesque
  8. Iraq the Model
  9. Terrorism Unveiled
  10. Tim Blair
  11. Right Wing News
  12. Polipundit
  13. Michelle Malkin
  14. Michael J. Totten
  15. FrontPage Mag
  16. La Shawn Barber
  17. Tim Worstall
  18. Israellycool
  19. Samizdata
  20. The Corner

Update: Many thanks for the link, Mr. Hawkins.


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