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Women are a Burden

Religion of Peace

Veiled Threat:

...the number of "honor crimes" - where women are attacked by relatives for "shaming" the family name -- has increased alarmingly in Europe in the past year. For instance, according to the German TV Station ARD, ten "honor crimes" have been committed in Germany since summer 2004. A horrible recent one has scandalized German opinion. A Turkish Muslim woman, a 23-year-old mother of one, was gunned down at a Berlin bus stop. The presumed culprits are three of her brothers who repeatedly threatened her. For them, she led an "un-Islamic" life because she had stopped wearing the hijab and was outgoing. On top of this horrific murder, the reactions among some Turks living in Germany are disgusting. For instance, a male student of Turkish origin at a high school located near the scene of the crime, said, "She deserved what she got -- the whore lived like a German."

[Emphasis mine]

One can guess what might be in store for actual Germans when, not if, these people have political majority.


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