Ground Zero of the Middle East



i want to know if you can help me to solve this qustion.please if you can help me.thanks

Q2. Will B2B (Back to Pigeons) save an endangered technology? On Friday, March 12, 2004, a group of several dozen Internet addicts from Israel and abroad, gathered in the large grass field of the OHALO Center near the Sea of Galilee. The purpose of the gathering was to try and improve Wi-Fly - pigeon-empowered wireless internet and to confront this technology against ADSL. The participants sent a homing pigeon to 100 km distance, carrying tiny memory cards containing in total of 4 GB of data.
In total, 4GB of data was transferred over 100Km - which, as they point out, is far superior to WiFi. They achieved a transfer rate of 2.27 Mbps, exceeding the commercially available ADSL rates in Israel of 1.5 Mbps.
a.Calculate the speed of the pigeon (in m/s) in the above scenario to transfer data at a rate of 2.27Mbps. (17p)
b.Calculate how long it takes the ADSL line to transmit 4GB of data to a distance of 100km. (17p)

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