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Free Country = Police State

This is the kind of high-level advanced stupidity one usually sees in academia:

On Tuesday, the six students enrolled in the elective course taught by Jane T. Christensen were to attend the course's final session: "Police State USA (Where Do We Go From Here?)"


The attacks were used by neo-conservatives in the Bush administration, acting on behalf of pro-Israel Zionists, as "a catalyst for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the attack on civil liberties in the United States," according to the course's syllabus.

John Hawkins points out how the president of N.C. Wesleyan defends this crap:

"We don't tell professors what to think. We don't tell professors what to teach. The Eastern European Communist regimes, or Saddam Hussein for that matter, that's what they did. What makes America great is we don't do that."

I understand that professors have tenure and that colleges and universities are stuck with them till the end but why do the taxpayers have to pay for this? It's funny that this gal calls America a police state while simultaneously getting paid/subsidized by her. Just think about what Hawkins says:

Here we have a course that features bizarro-world conspiracy theories and sounds like it's being taught by a lunatic. The title of the course's final session is practically self-refuting. If it's really "Police State USA" then why hasn't Christensen been dragged off to a gulag already? Isn't that what police states tend to do when people complain about how things are run publicly?

[Emphasis mine]


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