Very Brave

Foreign Workers from Asia

Such is the value of foreign workers, from Asia, in Saudi Arabia. Your average Saudi is quite rich and pampered compared to other Muslims. They have quite a superiority complex. They're extremely proud of their culture, race, and religion. Even though a good Muslim is supposed to treat other Muslims (his or her brothers and sisters) with respect, the reality is sadly different.

Many Saudis get Muslims from Asia to do their chores. These Muslims in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries gladly sign up for a 2-3 year contract. They're promised food, shelter, and an annual salary in the thousands of dollars. However, the restrictions are sometimes very severe. For example, for those 2-3 years, the Muslim employee is not to leave the house. Then, there is a self-imposed restriction. Many of these needy Muslims simply don't know Arabic and don't have full knowledge of the legal system in Saudi Arabia or lack thereof.

Many horror stories have circulated over the years. There was one case where a foreign man was employed for 2 years and didn't get his salary. He went to the police. Bad idea. The Saudi employer had a cousin who was a cop. The foreign guy was jailed and tortured till he signed a blank piece of paper. After signing it, he was released. The case came to the kangaroo court. The judge was shown 'the contract' which stated that the foreign guy was paid with a bonus, and there was his tortured signature. The non-national was promptly deported. So, a Saudi had, in effect, a Muslim slave for 2 years. There was another case where a Saudi princess pushed a maid down the stairs.

Asian foreigners in Saudi Arabia are paid about half the salary or less relative to other Saudis for the same job. My dad gets about half the income compared to other Saudis in his office for doing precisely the same kind of work. Many Westerners marvel at Islam and use glowing and affectionate terms to describe it. For example, Islam is a religion which doesn't divide people by race, gender, and class, unlike the West. Just look at the Haj. But if these clueless intellectuals were to pay close attention to reality, they would recoil with disgust. Muslims are separated by race (segregated living quarters during the Haj), sex (women are classified as private property), class (foreigners, read non-Arabs, are treated inhumanely).

But saying that would be so judgmental. And we can't have that.


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