Chop Chop Square

Another horrid letter from the desert version of Mordor:

"I don't know if the prisoner had a short neck or he just jerked funny when they jabbed him in the back, but the blade glanced off his shoulder and only cut through half his neck," Fred said.

"He fell over sideways," he said. "I never saw so much blood. It was squirting out all over the place from the gash in his neck. He started moaning. It was awful. Even though he was doped to high heaven, it must have hurt like hell. It took two more swings to hack his head off."

"When it was over, I'll be damned if a doctor didn't walk over to the body and check his pulse," Fred said. "It was weird, seeing him kneel down next to a headless body, holding the wrist to make sure he wasn't going to get up and walk away."

Then the head and body were thrown onto a stretcher and placed in the ambulance and the ambulance driven away to bury the body in an unmarked grave.

One small detail: the head is sewn back before the body is buried. And no, I never saw a human beheading either in all my years in Saudi Arabia. Why not? Fred said it clearly:

"Believe me, you're going to see enough ugly stuff by the time you're my age without having to carry around the memory of a beheading the rest of your life," Fred said. "You think it won't bother you, but it's a hard thing to see. Harder to forget. Wish I never went."



i heard these sick arab motherfuckers behead people for commiting small mistakes. this is really sick! i really dont know if i m able to eat dinner now after reading this. what is this man! some kind of twisted weird shit. this is no way of punishing public. let me tell u my story. i m from india, New delhi and a gay person, 24 yrs old. i heard in saudi if you appear gay they simply arrest u and flog u in public and even lock u up behind the bars and u ll have no ways to seek any lawyers and make phone calls, then one fine day u ll be executed. i went to saudi a year back to meet a freind who i met on internet and found him very interesting. i wanted to shop in Riyaadh and buy some golds for me and my family. usually i dress up in little feminine tops and tight jeans. yes i look feminine. thats the way i am and even if i try a lot to look like a str8 man, i cant. i have no probs in india as there are many like me. but in saudi it seemed i m the only one and people were so stary. i was shopping and i could feel that these arab men/shop keeper/ownder can easily fall into my prey if i give them a little look. i saw a police van and there were few religious police outside loitering. i was passing by. one of them smiled at me and winked me. i was so fucking scared as i already heard the stories of the treatment of gays there. i took my ways off and when i turned back i saw 2 of them following me. i walked fast and tried to hide in the crowd. There was another road facing other street, i took a cab and flew off to hotel. i was so scared and i had horrifying dreams that they are lopping off my head....i called my travel agents and took the next flight to India. I JUST WONDER ONE THING, WHY DID THAT POLICE SMILE AT ME AND WINKED ME? THEY WANT TO BEHEAD GAYS AND YET WANT TO SHAG WITH THEM? WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE THEY? I ll make sure i ll never visit saudi again in my whole life. BUT LASTLY I D LIKE TO MENTION THAT DUBAI IS A WONDERFUL CITY AND ITS A FREE CITY. I HAD AMPLE FUN THERE AND MET NICE PEOPLE....ALSO HAD A GOOD TIME..

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