Antisemitism Rises, Again
A Geek Dreams

Woe is Me

An excellent analysis of the Democrat Party's dismal thinking:

Minorities contain intelligent, hardworking and resourceful people. You can not keep them 'down on the farm'. You can not pretend to speak for all of 'them' because they are not really a 'them'. As any libertarian will tell you, there is no such thing as a Class. There are only individuals with temporarily aligned self-interests.

Another problem with Democrat Party's coalition is that it is very fragile and fractured. Most of Big Labor and the environmentalists support the Democrats but on most issues, the agendas of these two groups don't jive. Similarly, most of the Jewish and most of the Muslim vote goes to the Democrats. Also, the majority of the super-rich and 90% of blacks vote for high-tax Democrats.

In light of these facts, it's frankly surprising that Democrats get more than 48% of the national vote.


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