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The Projection of Power

A most interesting post about the US Navy:

Clark is a champion of the Sea Basing concept, through which the Navy and Marine Corps will exploit their maritime maneuver space. A new generation of transport and logistics vessels, aircraft and fleet formations is in the offing to make sea basing a reality.

[Emphasis mine]

The transportation of food, fuel, and ammunition can keep the battle group going for weeks, months and - if necessary - years. The enemy of today does not have a logistics structure. The US military with it's training and with practically undisturbed supplies can clobber its foe within a small matter of time. The problem is that we don't know where the enemy will rear it's head next. So, the Navy structure of swift deployment comes in very handy.

One still needs boots on the ground for major operations but, for say a division, the movement of heavy armor and fuel is still relatively, and understandably, slow. However, the presence of the US Navy is, on most occasions, enough to deter most rascals. The combination of speed and supplies is half the battle.

The reorganization seems to be smart assuming that personnel don't burn out while working on a faster schedule. I am all for the actual building of more CBGs. They're worth it just for the deterrence effect.

Link via the Blogfather.


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