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Decline of Academia

Modern Racism

La Shawn Barber:

In what’s supposed to be a victory for black people, a federal judge has ruled that a 1995 Chicago firefighters entrance exam is biased because too many black applicants failed it.

Yup, that's the definition of biased. Taking this absurdity further, the NBA is biased because it has too many blacks; the universities are biased because they reject too many blacks; the EEOC itself is biased because it has too many blacks, and on and on. Using this logic would mean that practically all industries and institutions are biased because they either have too few or too many blacks.

The real world doesn't operate on that basis. Most places hire people who have the right skills regardless of skin color. One doesn't end up with a perfect sample of the population because not all races have the same proportional skilled professionals. Another matter that affects the make up of one's workforce is the geographical location. Not all cities and states have the same proportions of different races.

Forcing employers to hire the "correct number" of blacks is by definition racist. Decades ago, many racist employers refused to hire blacks. Today, employers are forced to hire incompetent blacks. They must reject or fire non-blacks in the process. That is also racist. Using race as a factor to make hiring decisions is racism. No matter if it hurts or 'helps' blacks.


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