Drivel From Nancy
The US Triumphs

Maternal Love

Religion of PeaceTM:

Interview with the mother of two killed terrorists.
Host: They [Israelis] accuse the Palestinian mother of hating her sons and of encouraging them to die.

Mother: No. We do not encourage our sons to die. We encourage them to shahada [death for Allah] for the homeland, for Allah. We don’t say to the mothers of the shahids, ‘We come to comfort you,’ rather, ‘We come to bless you on your son’s wedding, on your son’s shahada. Congratulations to you on the shahada.’ For us, the mourning is a [joyous] wedding. We give out drinks, we give out sweets. Praise to Allah, our mourning is a [joyous] wedding. [PA TV, November 17, 2004]

[Emphasis mine]

Don't you see, it's not just plain ol' vanilla death but death for Allah (the best death of all!). Westerners should stop being so closed-minded, judgmental and racist. Be more nuanced and accepting of barbarism foreign cultures; emulate the French.



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