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Ind vs. Pak, Test 1, 4th Day

Youhana finally displayed his excellent stroke-making on the 4th day of the Test. Youhana and Inzi put up over a 100 run partnership when Pakistan needed it the most. I feel very sad for Inzi. The guy is the premier batsman and the captain. The pressure and stress on him must be intense. I don't think that he deserves blame for Pakistan's showing in this match. His scores were 57 and 86 in the two innings. I'd be happy if the other Pakistani batsmen scored half that amount.

It's quite obvious that Salman Butt and Younis Khan should be dropped from the team. Pakistan would then have the choice of Malik, Afridi, and Hameed. Malik is a superb all-rounder but unfortunately he's barred from bowling. That's why I'd pick Hameed and Afridi to replace Butt and Khan. Hameed and Umar once had great opening stands; I'd give them another chance. Afridi is an all-rounder as well. He's fresh and his hunger for runs and wickets can only help Pakistan.  I have said it before, and I'll say it again, Younis Khan doesn't deserve a place in the current Pakistani team. He had his big chance, in this test, and he wasted it.

All praise to Sehwag for his massive innings. Nobody could even come close to his score in the match. Unless rain ruins the 5th day, India have won this match. I just don't see Razzaq and Akmal putting a big enough total on the board. Sehwag can easily clear the small amount of runs in a few minutes.


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