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Ind vs. Pak, 3rd Test, 4th Day

Great Scott

Protests in Bahrain! Bahrain is a tiny country off in the east coast of Saudi Arabia. It's a bunch of islands with a total population of under 700,000. So when tens of thousands march, it's a big deal. This is likely the largest demonstration in Bahrain's history.

Bahrain's relatively liberal compared to the desert version of mordor next door. When I say liberal, I mean that one doesn't get the death penalty for consuming alcoholic beverages. That's NOT a joke. Rich Saudis usually race to Bahrain to grab a drink or two. Bahrain also has, ahem, questionable services offered by select women.

Let's hope these peaceful protesters bring about a positive, and not an Islamist, change. That will cetainly warm the hearts of the many Shia who have been kept under the boot in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain has got the Whiskey and Sexy. It's about time for Democracy!

Lots of pictures here. Nice panoramic shots, Chanad. Dang, women are all burqa clad.

Links thanks to Instapundit.


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