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Bret Stephens rips the 'Myth':

"It is now believed that [Abu Musab] Zarqawi operates independently, and even in competition with bin Laden." She must have missed Zarqawi's declaration of fealty to Osama bin Laden in October. (Bin Laden certainly noticed it: He recently ordered Zarqawi to widen the scope of his efforts beyond Iraq.) "While [Ahmed] Chalabi was popular in certain powerful circles in Washington, he had virtually no support in Iraq." Funny, then, that Mr. Chalabi did well enough in January's elections to be in serious contention for the premiership. "The war in Iraq drew the Bush administration's focus away from Afghanistan during the critical two years following the overthrow of the Taliban, making the job there infinitely harder." Infinitely? Ten million Afghan voters missed that nuance.

It's impressive how the incredibly good news is spun into bad. Over 50 million people got the chance to choose their own government because of the two battles in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Democratic response: meh, Dubya had nothing to do with it. The Muslims in these two countries always wanted consensual government and Dubya just happened to be the US president at the time. Right.

Follow the link to read the whopper. Oh yes, it gets worse.


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