Okay, You're Taller Than Me, Happy Now?
Woe is Me

Antisemitism Rises, Again


Livingstone will bend over backwards to defend anti-Semitic, hatemongering "spiritual leaders" from the Muslim world, but he compares newspaper reporters to the Nazis.

Daimnation, again:

Lord Ahmed, a Labour Party peer in the British House of Lords, invited rabid Jew-hater Israel Shamir to Westminster to give a speech about how Joooooos control the media.

And again:

... the Thistle [an organization from MIT] also accuses the Anti-Defamation League of being a Mossad front organization ...

Some things never change. It's always the fault of zionists, neo-cons, New Yorkers or the Jooos.



Just wait until Wolfowitz gets confirmed as the head of the World Bank!

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