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This is what baffles me about this everyday onslaught of every decent news organization against bloggers - Hello people, if Dan Rather didn’t run with the forged documents, if Eason Jordan only released the video of the Davos conference, nothing would have happened. Don’t fuck up and then get mad at those who caught you with your pants down. I am really sick of this crap. I think these idiots who write anti-blog rants probably take bloggers a lot more seriously than bloggers themselves.

I fully agree. The MSM has less and less control of molding the news and whenever they screw up, the bloggers (those "salivating morons") bring up inconvenient facts.

I find it funny that the MSM prides itself on questioning authority, well mostly the democratically elected authorities since many dictators get a pass. It's funny because they can't stand their authority being questioned by simple facts. It's amusing to see this superiority-complex in full flow when it bubbles up to the surface. Quite petty, really.


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