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Heather Mac Donald:

It is curious how feminists, when crossed, turn into shrill, hysterical harpies—or, in the case of MIT’s Nancy Hopkins, delicate flowers who collapse at the slightest provocation—precisely the images of women that they claim patriarchal sexists have fabricated to keep them down. Actually, Estrich’s hissy fit is more histrionic than anything the most bitter misogynist could come up with on his own.

Ouch. Heather than continues to point out some amazingly absurd reasoning:

Estrich lodges the standard charge in all fake discrimination charges: the absence of proportional representation in any field is conclusive proof of bias.

That's some "logic" that I'll never understand. By this reasoning, Muslims have been discriminated against for decades because only a few have won Nobel prizes. That's just loony.

Link via Lorie Byrd at Polipundit.


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