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U.K. Telegraph:

Under radical new land reform legislation, Highlands communities are allowed to buy private estates whether they are for sale or not.

Don't abuse the language, chap. One buys an item when it's for sale. Otherwise, it's theft.

The community will formally ask to "grab" 48,000 acres of the estate within the next few weeks, and is certain of support from the Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians who drew up the legislation.
He [Graham] questioned whether the public knew that 90 per cent of the purchase price might come from the taxpayer.

Taxation: another form of theft.

"People feel these estates would be better run by the community," she [Agnes Rennie] said. "There is a certain putting right of history.["]

Yes, forcibly taking away the land from owners today certainly rights history. The right to private property is one of the most important rights in the West. Socialism and hence misery is built upon the complete denial of this right.

The state certainly has no quarrel in usurping more power. A horrid precedent is set and ultimately the citizens lose.

Link via Samizdata.


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