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Crushed Again

Another Slatism

I made up the term Slatism last Friday. That's right, there was no taking advantage of the poor by stealing the term from them for myself. Even though, I'm a capitalist pig, this time I preferred to just make it up, you know to increase the vocabulary pie (or would that be soup) for all the comrades.

Anyway, we get another Slatism today. This time Jim Lindgren writes about it.

Update: I was sure that in the vast Blogosphere, someone must have used the term "Slatism" before and sure enough, it was used two years ago. Jim Lindgren himself wrote the term "Slatism" some time ago but posted it yesterday.

I was making fun of populist rhetoric in the first paragraph of this post. Sadly, now I know that I indeed stole the term and the Blogosphere is worse off for it. /sasrcasm

It's very kind of Mr. Lindgren to point out that I posted the term "Slatism" before he did. Though really there is, as we know now, nothing special about my using the term. Plus, it's nice to know that "Slatism" has reached critical mass.


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