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John Hawkins:

Remember the Gulf War? I was in college back then and I had a liberal professor who told us to prepare for 100,000 casualties and a draft. Know why? Because that's what war was like. Remember Vietnam!

Why do these professors and defeatists not remember WWII or the Korean War? Today, they don't take into account the Gulf War in 1991 or the Battle of Afghanistan in 2001. To them every battle and war is like Vietnam where the US is ultimately humiliated and the US casualties are in the tens of thousands.

I remember talking to a friend in early April, 2003. I told him about the rapid movement of heavy armor from Kuwait to Baghdad. He was sure that this was like Germany's march into Soviet Russia (thin supply lines prone to attack). He was sure that the US couldn't keep up the tempo and would eventually have to rest for a few weeks to get supplies to the front. So, a comparison was made, not to the US in Vietnam, but to the Nazis in WWII. The present rigorous training of the US military and the vast improvements in technology over 60 years didn't make a dent in his analysis of the battle in April of 2003. Of course, he was proven thoroughly wrong.

I think the MSM has a big influence in shaping up this negative thinking. As John Hawkins points out, the reporters started screaming QUAGMIRE at the end of March, less than 10 days after the battle started. This thinking is adopted by many left-of-center university students and it's tough to counter such reasoning since the MSM doesn't show any good news. This was very true in 2004 as well. Every day the situation seemed to deteriote further. The election season made it seem that Bush had caused such a mess, rather than the Islamist terrorists who created the scenes of misery and destruction. The Daily Show, the darling of practically all university students, didn't help matters either.

I've read op-eds in my university comparing the US military to the Nazis for destroying towns and bombing mosques. Whereas the Islamist terrorists are referred to as legitimate insurgents who fight the imperialist Americans. I hope that these perverse souls someday wake up and smell the humus. It is truly shocking to read of supposedly educated men who openly side with Zarqawi and his butcher corps. Their anti-Americanism has blinded them to the evil of our age.


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