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David Frum:

It would seem at a minimum that the smaller states of Europe need to think about the differences between the Europe they were promised and the one they are getting. Americans, meanwhile, face first a painful task and then an interesting one. The painful task is to accept the reality that Europe is drifting away. The sometimes hysterical aversion of many in Europe to George W. Bush is not the cause of this drift. It is a manifestation of the drift, and maybe even a way to silence any guilt that Europeans feel about abandoning an old relationship from which they benefited so much.

So very true.



conolezza? sexy? ... I guess if you don't mind kissing humongous chompers . On a positive note, she probably has strong lips from constantly trying to cover up her huge ivories.

Hey Ms. Rice.... ...Suggestion: See A DENTIST

If they can put a man on the moon, they should be able to fix those buck toofs.

just joking, I really think she's hottt

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