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Dennis Prager comments on the Larry Summers controversy at Harvard:

No wonder the Democratic Party is so keen on sending billions more dollars of taxpayer money to universities through tuition tax credits. They know that the university is a factory churning out leftists.

As readers are aware, this year I am writing a series of columns making the case for Judeo-Christian values. The secular university provides one of the most cogent arguments for those values: This institution, which is the most opposed to Judeo-Christian values, is also the least committed to truth.

Mr. Prager has written three in his series of columns. You can read them here: Part I, Part II, Part III.

Walter E. Williams writes an excellent column about the process of job creation and destruction.

We could probably think of hundreds of jobs that either don't exist or exist in far fewer numbers than in the past -- jobs such as elevator operator, TV repairman and coal deliveryman. "Creative destruction" is a discovery process where we find ways to produce goods and services more cheaply. That in turn makes us all richer.

Indeed. Over a 100 years ago, there were over 40 million farmers in the US, today there are less than 4 million. Had the government protected their jobs, we would've been worse off.

What should a person do when innovation or international trade costs him his job? Do what the iceman did when Frigidaire cost him his job. Instead of calling on Congress to enact job protectionist measures, he did what was necessary to find another job.


Finally, Jonah Goldberg talks about how Zarqawi has very clearly shown that Sontag, Cohen, and Buchanan were wrong by articulating his totalitarian ideology. He continues:

...the best news from Iraq in a while is Zarqawi's forceful and forthright rejection of democracy and freedom as a principle. He doesn't want a more "authentic" democracy, he wants to kill it. This alone gives Iraqis, particularly the Sunnis he claims to represent, a stark choice: Accept the painful but promising path of elections, or side with the man most responsible for the car-bombings of mosques and markets, who would replace Saddam's nationalist totalitarianism for a new religious one ruled by foreigners like him and Bin Laden.

Iraq will be reborn soon.


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