Mr. Prager, Part Two

Schooling the Right Way

Doug Giles at Town Hall:

I was sitting at our neighborhood pool New Year’s morning, enjoying the great South Florida weather while trying to grind out a couple of chapters for my new book, when three high school girls took the chaise lounges next to me and started talking about their New Year’s Eve party with their high school mates.

Seemingly still semi-drunk from the party, the 16- and 17-year-old girls began to recount how much coke, weed, vodka, guys and girls they did the night before.  Listening to the F-bomb riddled report of the previous night’s peccadilloes left me thinking, how sad … and … what a waste … and … thank God my wife and I yanked our kids out of the public school system and away from these visionless, dissolute and spoiled morons.

The public education system in the US is a mess.

Whenever the topic of discussion is home schooling vs. public education with friends, it's always assumed that home schooling will emotionally retard the kid. I've tried to use stats and other articles I've read to dispel this belief but've sadly failed. Another problem, as Doug Giles later says, is the portrayal of home schooled kids as 'goofy-looking inbred stooges'.


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