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Recently, there has been lots of discussion in the Blogosphere regarding Leftists. I'll talk about 4 policies or views they hold dear that have made the Left politically poisonous. These views are mostly related to foreign policy.

The hatred of the current US president. Ever since I remember the caricature of President Bush has been that he's dumb, ignorant, get's help from Daddy, and has a tricky relationship with pretzels. This is the standard operating procedure for comedy shows. However, this view has been widely adopted by practically every left-of-center commentator in the MSM.

After the Battles of Afghanistan and Iraq, this seething hatred just boiled over. Bush was now the eeevil genius and, for some demented Leftists, the American troops were equivalent to the SS. President Bush, a supposed doofus, had hoodwinked the majority of the US and taken the great nation to endless war and quagmire. The approval of Congress for the war, and the policy of regime change of the previous president don't register to these enlightened Leftists.

The denigration of the Coalition of the Willing. Leftists consistently accuse President Bush of chasing away our 'allies'. If only that dumbass Dubya had shown more respect and consideration, then our friends would still be with us. Then, almost instantaneously, they slander over 40 countries in the Coalition of the Willing by such choice words as the bought, the coerced, the bribed, etc.

These countries have spent blood and treasure to come to our aid in our hour of need. The leaders of these nations have been brutalized by the MSM, and still most of them have weathered the storm and continue to support us. Leftists should note that leaders like Tony Blair who put their political fortunes on the line to help the US deserve our gratitude not your infantile contempt.

Germany and France are our real allies. Germany refused us any help in the Battle for Iraq. Period. Nothing that we did could have persuaded our lovely ally. As for the French, they were making deals with Saddam till the beginning of war. Remember, France’s TotalFinaElf, they were making lucrative deals with Baathist Iraq and in return promised to not support the US. Real allies, indeed.

It seems like that France is now dealing with Iran. So, in the future, the Leftists will come out in force demanding that we appease France before continuing to protect our interests. That sounds like a politically winning position, no.

All the moral legitimacy on God's earth resides in the UN. This implies that the entire US offensive aspect of WWIV has been illegal. The US should have grovelled for support from nations like China, Russia, Mexico, Syria, and Pakistan. These countries should have been appeased in addition to the phantom allies like France and Germany.

Question: What if the UN Security Council had voted not in favor of war?
Leftist Answer: Well, then the US should not have gone to war.

Thankfully such 'global test' thinking was put six feet under by the American public on 11.02.2004. Oh, and about the moral legitimacy: how many moral people do you know who rape a nation of over 20 billion dollars and give money to Hamas?

To sum up:

  • Bush is not the re-incarnation of Hitler.
  • The Coalition of the Willing is not bought.
  • Germany and France are not paragons of virtue.
  • The UN does not have any moral legitimacy.

When the Left comes to terms with the above 4 statements, they might have a shot at higher office in the US. As long as it remains perpetually pissed, it'll be politically impotent. Think about it, the 4 views are not even 'left-wing'. There are many left-of-center folks who don't hold such nutty views. Totten and Jarvis, for example.

I realize that there is a common thread among the 4 views; veiled but rabid anti-Americanism. Anti-Americanism has become the opium of the Leftists. My advice to the Left is now simple: get rehab, then we'll take you seriously.


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