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Michael Totten's blog has an adundance of rich posts from Jan. 25, 2005 to Jan. 31, 2005. This is the big reason why.

You should go read them all. The 4 posts that caught my eye:

Mary Madigan writes on 01 . 25 . 2005 about the letters to the editor at TNR; they were just sad. For example, one lady said:

"...We did not need to fight communism then, and we do not need to embark on a world conquest of Islamic fundamentalism now."

If this remains the mainstream thinking of the Democrats, then the Republicans should win the next 4 or 5 presidential elections.

Mary Madigan writes on 01 . 28 . 2005:

According to the German publication, Der Spiegel, the killer’s actual target was Dutch legislator Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali immigrant. She and other legislators were so unable to ensure their security against extremist death threats, they had to leave the Netherlands to hide in the United States.

In short, a Western nation couldn't defend its own legislators against an  occupying paramilitary group.

Much darker days lie ahead for Europe.

Jeremy Brown writes on 01 . 29 . 2005:

These people have been a living embodiment of the bitter reality of exile. Let's save the word 'expatriate' for a time when Iraqis, as we are seeing the start of now, have the freedom to choose.

Mr. Brown provides an image of the exile whose son didn't live to see a free Iraq. I linked to a different image of the same man before.

Marry Madigan writes, or rather links, on 01 . 31 . 2005:

"These people [the human shields] are mad," said Awad Nasser, one of Iraq's most famous modernist poets. "They are actually signing up to sacrifice their lives to protect a tyrant's death machine."

To these useful infidels, President Bush is more evil than Saddam.


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