The Iraqis Vote &
The Future Battle


A heart warming article at Billings Gazette, link via Michelle Malkin.

Because she is a 10-year-old Billings girl, Shelby won't be going to the polls. But she will be will be showing her support by wearing ink on her finger - just like those Iraqis who have voted.

"It will symbolize our support if we wear ink on our fingers," Shelby said. "We're not forcing them to vote, but they have a chance to do it and they should take that chance."

Shelby said Saturday afternoon she hoped to set up a stand at Rimrock Mall today where people could sign their names and roll their fingers on a stamp pad, but her plans were not yet inked.

I wish that my many relatives who've been brought up to think that Americans are inherently evil could see this, the real face of America.


Jack Deth

It warms my heart to see the sublime simplicity of a young girl's thoughts put into action.

God bless you, Shelby. I hope your stand at the mall is a resounding success.


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