A Tenured Islamist

War Never Justified

Well, the comments by Carol Bellamy certainly explain the non-intervention in Rwanda and Sudan. I am sure the Iraqis will be happy to know that the war to remove Saddam and start consensual government was not justified, Germans and other Europeans will be pleased to know that the Allies were wasting money fighting WWII, Blacks in the US would be glad to know that the North wasted money fighting the South.

I am surprised at the number of Canadians who consider the UN, and the Europeans, to be morally superior to the US. How can an organization which is, de facto, pro-fascist be morally superior to the US and the Allies? Why would an organization that's made up of mostly totalitarian thugs be morally superior to democracies? How can one still consider the UN to be morally superior after they skimmed off over $20 billion from the suffering Iraqis?

Update: This is just pathetic. Via LFG.

It [the UN] is the only body that has the moral authority.

Another ostrich takes it's head out of the sand to speak. Hmm, I wonder how much the UN is going to skim off the Asian quake and tsunami victims?


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