UN: Hamas on the Payroll


“I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll  and I don't see that as a crime.”
-- Peter Hansen,  head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)
October 3, 2004 on  Canada's CBC


Yes, Peter Hansen thinks that a terrorist organization which seeks to annihilate Israel is kosher. Here, the UN has no problem hiring the modern day Nazis. Make no mistake, Hamas members want the Holocaust of the 21st century.


This is not just my opinion. The U.S. has Hamas on it's list of terrorist organizations. So does Canada and the EU. It is sickening to see someone justify this asininity by saying that Hamas also does humanitarian work. Of course, Hamas members are charitable terrorists. You can see some of their work here:

So, a suicide bomber is a hero and has a spot reserved in heaven. The picture above, caption translated from Arabic, appeared in Hamas children's newspaper Alfatah of September 22, 2004. This is the kind of vile propaganda that is fed to Palestinian kids. Think about it. The surest way for a female to achieve stardom in that sexist society is to kill Jews and herself.


Peter Hansen doesn't wish to be judgmental. Sadly, this logic leads to blaming Israel when she targets Hamas. If Hamas members are just compassionate folk doing charity work, then Israel should be condemned when they attack Hamas. And so they are. It gives one the scope of anti-semitism in this world when Israel is rhetorically lynched for killing Hamas leaders and no fuss is made when the UN hires neo-Nazis.


In a different context, and using this same  logic, we'll see that the U.S. attacking Fallujah is an act of terror whereas the "insurgents" beheading innocents is a legitimate act of resistance.


Canada gives $10 million annually to the UNRWA. Why do so many Canadians respect the UN? More importantly why should the U.S. grovel for support from this modern  monstrosity?


Peter Hansen quote, and the $10  million figure via LFG.
Info  about that lovely picture from Israel Insider.

November 07, 2004.


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