Lord Have Mercy


A married couple, friends of my parents, dropped by our place in Saudi Arabia, in the summer of 2003. The couple talked to me about two different topics. I'll detail the second topic first.
H: husband, W: wife, IS: myself.

The husband comes and sits next to me.
H: So, the war is over and the U.S. is now in control of Iraq.  How does the media in Canada portray the war in Iraq?
IS: Well, the majority of Canadians are against it and the media portrays it as a mess.
H: I don't think the media, in the U.S., provides the Muslim point of view.  Do you know why that is?
IS: No.
H: It's because most of the media is controlled by Jews. They are very rich and think that it would be harmful to their interests to have Muslims speak. Hence, only their point of view is broadcast which is always anti-Muslim. But, we have a few Muslim brothers who are getting donations and starting organizations to counter their propaganda.
IS: [ word...]
H: Inshallah, they'll be successful and the Jewish monopoly will come to an end. This Jewish monopoly is also the reason for the pro-Israel slant of the U.S. media. The palestinians are simply ignored.
IS: [...unbelievable...]

Now, the first topic.
H: How is your study going in Canada?
IS: Quite well.  The material gets tougher and the students in the class dwindle with every passing year.
W: We want our kids to study in Canada as well. Do you think the costs are high?
IS: Well, the living expenses are usually $1000 a month and the other cost is tuition.
W: What's the cost of tuition?
IS: It's dependant on the number of courses one takes.  For a full course load, it's $12,000 a year.
H: That's a lot.
IS: That cost is for international students, national students pay considerably less.
W: Our kids have Canadian nationality.
IS: What!?
H: Yeah, when my wife would get pregnant, I would send her to Canada to her relatives. She gave birth to all our kids in Canada.
IS: [...damn...] Then, the tuition for one of your kids would be $5000 a year.
H and W look at each with surprise.
H: Nice.
W: I am worried about him (her son) being alone. How many Pakistanis/Indians go to your university?
IS: Oh, at least a thousand.
W: (with a shocked look) a thousand!
IS: Believe me your kids are not going to be alone.
The wife goes in the kitchen. The husband comes and sits next to me...

That demonstrates the conflicted, convoluted and antisemitic view of this Muslim couple. I wish that such kind of "thinking" was in the minority.

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