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The C Word Returns

Last Saturday, I linked to a column by James Lilek's about the Holiday-that-must-not-be-named. James Wolcott responded to that column in a prissy manner and now is at the receiving end of a delightful fisking by Lilek's.  An excerpt:

"I did write a long, angry paragraph about how I blamed this webpage on sodomite penetration of the venerable postal service (just typing the words now stirs something horrid in my cold, gristled loins) and I warned you all, warned you, that unless we put CHRISTMAS atop the page in 72 point type we are doomed to go the way of ancient Rome, lost in a swirl of sybaritic vapors and unable to resist the Huns with thier hordes of gay Jewish trial lawyers, or something like that. But I took it out. The truth may set you free, but it gets you called to the editor’s office, too."

Go read it all.


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