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The Star Tribune's Nick Coleman has lost his marbles. Via Instapundit where he's got interesting responses to Coleman's meltdown.

Update: LFG also links to this loony.

One of the looniest, most overboard mainstream media outbursts of the year, reminiscent of the kind of borderline psychotic ranting you find in the comments of Democratic Underground or Daily Kos.


Pej links to the article as well and Lord have mercy, the brightest Volokh annihilates Coleman's piece. A sample:

Wow, they won an online poll! And they wanted to win it, and tried to get its readers to vote for them. Therefore, they're lying when they say that they didn't expect being named Blog of the Year by Time Magazine.  The penetrating logic astounds me.

Coleman, an ankle-biting journalist.  2005 is gonna be a lot of fun.

Update: Evan Coyne Maloney weighs in on Coleman's meltdown.

...I always thought the purpose of journalism was to describe noteworthy events, to tell what happened. No, in Coleman's world, the purpose of the media is to "toot their horns in the service of [...] the downtrodden." Of course, they get to decide who's downtrodden, they get to decide how the downtrodden should be served--it always seems to be through the election of liberals or the support of big government programs--and they get to decide what facts to leave out and what details to spin in order to further their goals.

Yes, they do; the Blogosphere is breaking up their monopoly on facts and Coleman is simply lashing out because as time passes, his profession has less power and influence. This hit piece on Power Line is an indication of Coleman's, um, impotence.


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