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Property Rights

Thomas Sowell writes another eloquent column regarding property rights and it's abuse by individuals.

Another rationale for laws restricting land use is that "open space" is a good thing, that it prevents "overcrowding" for example. But preventing people from building homes in one place only makes the crowding greater in other places. This is just another fig leaf for the self-interest of those who want other people to be forced to live somewhere else.

I am surprised by many liberals who support "open space" laws since these laws make life expensive for everyone. Obviously, the poor are the hardest hit by this compassionate policy. The liberals should rethink their support because of their concern for the poor. I almost said 'because it's bad economics' but then most liberals still think that there is nothing wrong with socialism. If the wretched Soviet Union didn't open their eyes, then my words will have little effect.


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