No Friend

...France is striving to impose its strain of anti-Americanism on other European states that have traditionally preferred the trans-Atlantic partnership to French or Franco-German domination of their Continent's affairs. The principal vehicle for enforcing the latter over unwilling states — notably, Great Britain and nations Don Rumsfeld has described as "New Europe" — is the new European Constitution.

If this draft constitution is ratified by voters in Britain, France and a half-dozen other countries, the European Union will have authority to "define and implement a common foreign and security policy, including the progressive framing of a common defense policy." The U.S. can forget about "special relationships" and strong bilateral ties, let alone "coalitions of the willing," with states bound by such a compact.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. talks about the history of French perfidy and how that is manifesting itself today with France being very cozy with China.

I once wrote a small research paper on China, and was amazed by how China transformed itself from a communist state to a fascist one over the past 25 years.  This transformation brought economic relief to only a few Chinese since most of the inland Chinese are still extremely poor.  I don't consider China an economic threat but politically the situation is very bleak since you only need a few power hungry madmen to start a war. The mix of western technology and zealous totalitarianism is very dangerous. As usual, the French don't give a damn.


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