Steyn on Polygamy

No Christmas For You

Saudi Aramco hires a lot of Western foreigners, affectionately known as infidels, for various sevices. Now most of these guys celebrate Christmas, so the company used to give them the week off. Of course, the various Islamists in the land went nuts over this and said that such a policy endorsed Christmas and is therefore unIslamic. Saudi Aramco reversed the policy, so that everyone had to work during Christmas time. But slyly, Saudi Aramco gave these infidels an extra week for vacation which these guys now cash in for Christmas.

Of course, when it comes to Makkah, infidels can't enter. I know since the heavily loaded authorities check everybody's documents to ensure that the people entering the city are Muslim. Our passports specify our religion.

This article forgot to mention that the Saudi authorities at the ports of entry confiscate any item that has a Jewish connection. For example, books written by Jews are confiscated. Einstein and Feynman are banned in Saudi Arabia.


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