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Over the past few years, I met a lot of people who said that the U.S. couldn't go to war with Iraq without UN authorization. I corrected them by saying that they meant shouldn't.  I should have talked to them about their mistaken assumption that the UN has inherent moral legitimacy whereas the U.S. and the Allies had none.

The UN takes half it's time tearing apart a tiny democracy which is fighting against barbarians. The repressive Islamic world gets a pass. In fact, the UN has basically become an Islamic thugocracy. A vote, in the General Assembly, by the U.S. can be cancelled by Saddam's ideological buddies, the Syrians. In the end, these impotent dictatorships gang up on Israel while they continue to keep their populations as slaves. The UN has no problem getting rich off these people's misery via oil-for-food. It's modern purpose is to shackle the U.S. for they don't have the military means to do so. The UN cannot be reformed. The U.S. should leave it and form a union of democracies.

Update: UN peacekeepers raped young girls.


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