Mainstream Antisemitism
The Don Revisited

Killing Democracy

The infidel Americans have killed the democracy in Iraq. They achieved this by deposing "President" Saddam from power. "President" Saddam got around 99.94% of the vote in the election, like OMG it was Bradmanesque.  The Iraqis had so many real choices before the "liberation" man, like being put in a shredder head or feet first. The Iraqis made less than $10 a month and now they're earning over 100s of dollars every month. The Americans have transformed them from noble savages to capitalist pigs. Oh, the humanity.

The Americans are also adept at propaganda.  They use CIA stooges, and embedded reporters which makes it troublesome for the "insurgents".  This adds to the confusion; the "insurgents" don't know whether the reporters are combatants or not. It's the American's fault that the "insurgents" have slaughtered reporters. The solution is clear, the infidels should put back Saddam and leave.

Anti-Americanism is the opium of the Leftists.


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