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January 2005

Property Rights

Thomas Sowell writes another eloquent column regarding property rights and it's abuse by individuals.

Another rationale for laws restricting land use is that "open space" is a good thing, that it prevents "overcrowding" for example. But preventing people from building homes in one place only makes the crowding greater in other places. This is just another fig leaf for the self-interest of those who want other people to be forced to live somewhere else.

I am surprised by many liberals who support "open space" laws since these laws make life expensive for everyone. Obviously, the poor are the hardest hit by this compassionate policy. The liberals should rethink their support because of their concern for the poor. I almost said 'because it's bad economics' but then most liberals still think that there is nothing wrong with socialism. If the wretched Soviet Union didn't open their eyes, then my words will have little effect.


I started reading this symposium at FrontPage magazine to primarily find out what Robert Spencer had to say but I was pleasantly shocked by Ali Sina. Ali utterly and ruthlessly tore apart Mohamed El-Mallah's and Julia Roach's arguments. These two Islamic apologists simply got pummeled.

Muslim women are not allowed to have any libido. It is not pious for women to have sexual feelings. In fact the genital mutilation is designed to take away any sexual pleasure from them. Women are not supposed to enjoy sex. If they have any libido, there is a risk that they may fornicate and commit sin. Women must only provide satisfaction to their husbands and deny all their own sexual needs. According to a tradition:

Allah's Apostle said, "If a husband calls his wife to his bed (i.e. to have sexual relation) and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning." Bukhari 4.54.450

It is hilarious to think that the angels have nothing better to do than sit around and curse the poor woman all the night for depriving them from watching the live porno show.

I intially laughed at that but then the misery and suffering of Muslim women is no laughing matter.

In one sense this is all truly very funny. But in another, much larger sense, it is a tragedy.

Yes, it is and thank you Ali for being so bold in telling the truth.

A Tenured Islamist

Via LFG; I confess that half way through this sorry article, I lost track of the point, assuming there was any. It's beyond my comprehension to understand this high-level illogic. A partial fisking follows.

Backed by the self interest of their landed and commercial elites, and inspired by revolutionary ideas, the colonists had a dream worth pursuing. They were prepared to die for this dream - and to kill. They did: and they won.

On September 11, 2001, nineteen Arab hijackers too demonstrated their willingness to die - and to kill - for their dream. They died so that their people might live, free and in dignity.

Ah, Shahid rhetorically reduces the revolutionary colonists to suicidal murderers with a dream. Even then, the twisted analogy isn't complete, so he concocts a dream for the 911 terrorists. The terrorists died so that their people...Wait a minute, what is this 'their people'? You're talking about terrorists not Muslims since these 911 dreamers didn't represent the mainstream Muslims. Right? But then the logic doesn't work. Why should the Islamist terrorists live, free and in dignity? They should be six feet under, decomposing and in pigskin. So, you must be referring to Muslims as 'their people'. But then how does incinerating thousands help Muslims live, free and in dignity?

The attacks of 9-11 were in many ways a work of daring and imagination too; if one can think objectively of such horrors. They were a cataclysmic summation of the history of Western depredations in the Middle East: the history of a unity dismembered, of societies manipulated by surrogates, of development derailed and disrupted, of a people dispossessed.

Yes, the words 'daring' and 'imagination' came to my mind as I saw the Twin Towers fall. 911 was a summation of the history of Western depredations in the Middle East. Of course, if only the West had not conquered the Middle East and Afghanistan and pillaged it,...oh wait, never mind. Saudi Arabia, to this day, employs thousands of Westerners to maintain it's oil facilities. There are simply not enough educated Muslims to maintain said facilities. If it were not for these Westerners, most Saudis would be riding camels instead of BMWs.

When exactly were the Muslims united? A Muslim might be a Sunni, Shia, Ismaili, Salafi, Ahmadi, Sufi, just to name a few. I have yet to mention the tribal aspect of the Arab world. Oops, some unity. Grow up, and stop blaming surrogates and other phantom menaces. The Arab and the Muslim world is in a dump because of their lack of freedom, gender aparthied, religious intolerance, rabid antisemitism, ironclad belief in conspiracy theories, education from demented madrassas, and xenophobia of the West. By the way, marrying in the family doesn't help either.

Above all, the question that the hijackers of 9-11 pose to their Islamic compatriots is this: "What have you risked to oppose your own tyrants, your own ruling cliques, tribes and sectaries, who are so easily co-opted by foreign powers, who have worked so treacherously to enslave their own peoples, who sell off their national treasures, and who have secretly worked with Israel to complete the dismantling of Palestinian society?"

I didn't know that the 911 terrorists were sooo deep, man. I'm slightly confused though. Were most of the 911 terrorists opposing their tyrant the US or their original tyrant the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? On second thought, the answer doesn't matter. The foreign powers helped Israel dismantle Palestinian society. Hmm, didn't know a Palestinian society existed. If it did, Arafat was the pillager-in-chief.

"We engage in this violence against the United States," they say, "because you force us to, because you have failed to act against the American surrogates in your own countries. Because you have failed to act politically and with courage, we send you this message of horror, of shame. We advertise your shame before the world. We announce the failure of a billion and a half people - keepers of the Quran and heirs to a moral civilization - to overthrow the craven ruling classes who commit treachery against their own societies, their own history, every day that they cling to power."

There you go again, making the 911 terrorists representatives of all Muslims -- keepers of the Quran and heirs to a moral civilization. Bwhahaha. Ahem, moral civilization: where an old male can marry four pre-teenagers, fornicators and adulterers are stoned to death, drinking booze gets you decapitated, questioning Muhammad's behaviour gets one hanged, homosexuals are thrown off cliffs head first, females are treated like cattle, slavery is permitted, non-Muslims are treated as garbage. Moral = an Islamist's wet dream.

One thing is certain now: the Islamic world will change. Will it be the change the Americans and Israelis want? Will the Islamic world be smashed into a collection of micro-states - ethnic, sectarian and tribal entities - allied to and dependent on the US and Israel for their survival? Or will the Muslims oppose this new 'civilizing mission' and regain the freedom to shape their destiny in ways that allow the integral Quranic society, just, inclusive, creative, seeking knowledge, taking the middle road, to once again enrich our common human sojourn on earth?

There are already over 45 Muslim-majority states. How can the US, with Israel of course, smash it into smaller pieces? Put it another way, the Muslim world isn't united to begin with. One cannot 'regain' something, one never had. Once again, the sugarcoated rhetoric about the Quran. Enrich = one's face being stomped by a Quran. I wonder why so many Muslims are leaving such an enriching experience behind to migrate towards the West?

Shahid's entire article is repugnant.  You should read some of the other comments as well.

War Never Justified

Well, the comments by Carol Bellamy certainly explain the non-intervention in Rwanda and Sudan. I am sure the Iraqis will be happy to know that the war to remove Saddam and start consensual government was not justified, Germans and other Europeans will be pleased to know that the Allies were wasting money fighting WWII, Blacks in the US would be glad to know that the North wasted money fighting the South.

I am surprised at the number of Canadians who consider the UN, and the Europeans, to be morally superior to the US. How can an organization which is, de facto, pro-fascist be morally superior to the US and the Allies? Why would an organization that's made up of mostly totalitarian thugs be morally superior to democracies? How can one still consider the UN to be morally superior after they skimmed off over $20 billion from the suffering Iraqis?

Update: This is just pathetic. Via LFG.

It [the UN] is the only body that has the moral authority.

Another ostrich takes it's head out of the sand to speak. Hmm, I wonder how much the UN is going to skim off the Asian quake and tsunami victims?

Rational Markets

Markets are rational over the long run but who cares since we're all dead, as Keynesians would say.  I still prefer the invisible hand.

It is not enough to identify a malfunctioning market, or a market failure, and then call for action (usually by the State) to correct it. One also needs to loook at whether that action will make the problem of failure worse.

Yes, one needs to very carefully look (or loook) at the costs alongside the benefits to gauge the policy's effectiveness. Many people are simply mesmerized by the benefits and, when the policy is implemented, are shocked by the incredible costs.


The Star Tribune's Nick Coleman has lost his marbles. Via Instapundit where he's got interesting responses to Coleman's meltdown.

Update: LFG also links to this loony.

One of the looniest, most overboard mainstream media outbursts of the year, reminiscent of the kind of borderline psychotic ranting you find in the comments of Democratic Underground or Daily Kos.


Pej links to the article as well and Lord have mercy, the brightest Volokh annihilates Coleman's piece. A sample:

Wow, they won an online poll! And they wanted to win it, and tried to get its readers to vote for them. Therefore, they're lying when they say that they didn't expect being named Blog of the Year by Time Magazine.  The penetrating logic astounds me.

Coleman, an ankle-biting journalist.  2005 is gonna be a lot of fun.

Update: Evan Coyne Maloney weighs in on Coleman's meltdown.

...I always thought the purpose of journalism was to describe noteworthy events, to tell what happened. No, in Coleman's world, the purpose of the media is to "toot their horns in the service of [...] the downtrodden." Of course, they get to decide who's downtrodden, they get to decide how the downtrodden should be served--it always seems to be through the election of liberals or the support of big government programs--and they get to decide what facts to leave out and what details to spin in order to further their goals.

Yes, they do; the Blogosphere is breaking up their monopoly on facts and Coleman is simply lashing out because as time passes, his profession has less power and influence. This hit piece on Power Line is an indication of Coleman's, um, impotence.

Islamism = Fascism

A complete, and 100% correct, answer to 'How Islamism is Fascism?'.  The answer was given by, of course, VDH.

...the methodology of violence is similar: The use of murder, suppression of dissent, and cult of the personality all used for centralizing power in a mythical strongman. And if we can believe his boasts about what he wants to do to the US and Israel, then we can see an embrace of genocide as well, his problem being only means not intent.

Go read the entire answer.

Drunk Saudis

This letter from Saudi Arabia brought back some memories.

Abdullah asked me where I spent the Eid.

"I stayed here."

"You stayed here? For the entire Eid?" he asked incredulously.  "What'd you do?"

"I brought back some books from vacation. They ate up a lot of the time," I said.

"Books?" Abdullah said, a look of benign horror spreading across his face. I might as well have said I spent the week eating spiders.

"When Ramadan is over, everyone runs from Riyadh," Abdullah said. "Everyone runs to Bahrain. You should run with them."

Bahrain is very close to where my family lives in Saudi Arabia. We've been to Bahrain multiple times for boring vacations. The first time for me was in 1998. And yes, I brought two books to read because I'm the geek/nerd in my family. I remember one of them was a Brave New World. I finished it in two days. Mercifully, I was only in Bahrain for a few more days after that since I was leaving for America (FUCK YEAH) to continue my education.

The last time we went to Bahrain, the price of the Bahraini visa was 50 Saudi Riyals or 5 Bahraini Dinars. The exchange rate between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is fixed at 10:1 and everyone accepts Saudi Riyals in Bahrain. For some obscure reason, the Bahraini Dinar has 1000 cents instead of the usual 100. Bahrain should just adopt the Saudi currency rather than waste money printing it's own useless one. Anyway, the Bahraini visa is valid for a week and one can easily get further visas while in Bahrain. It's a nice way for the Bahraini government to milk the Saudis at the border. The rich Saudis race in their Mercs or BMWs during the weekends to get hammered in Bahrain. Of course, some go to Bahrain for other, ahem, activities as well (nudge nudge, wink wink). But don't you dare question their piety.

It took us about 3 hours to complete the trip from our place, through useless customs, to the place in Bahrain. We rented an apartment for a few weeks and did practically nothing. Most goods in Bahrain are quite expensive. We were shocked by the cost of a regular haircut in Bahrain since it was actually lower than Saudi Arabia's. Your average haircut cost in Saudi Arabia is 10 riyals whereas the cost in Bahrain is 5 riyals (approx. US$1.50). My family didn't do much in Bahrain, other than watch non-stop TV. We receive 3 or 4 TV channels in Saudi Arabia but in Bahrain we get over 10. Yippee.

There isn't much to do in Bahrain unless you're a repressed horny Saudi.  Bahrain's population is less than half of Toronto's. And Bahrain is a country!

Steyn on Polygamy

A few days ago, I linked to an article which talked about Britain recognizing polygamy for tax purposes. Yesterday, Steyn weighed in as well.

Last year, I was strolling down the boulevard de Maisonneuve in Montreal and saw across the street a Muslim woman, covered from head to toe in black, struggling home with her groceries past a "condom boutique" whose front window was advertising massive discounts on a, er, item of useful gay-sex paraphernalia. I wish I'd had a digital camera: there, in a single image, were the internal contradictions of the multicultural society.

Recognizing polygamy will be one of the first steps towards welcoming Sharia.

No Christmas For You

Saudi Aramco hires a lot of Western foreigners, affectionately known as infidels, for various sevices. Now most of these guys celebrate Christmas, so the company used to give them the week off. Of course, the various Islamists in the land went nuts over this and said that such a policy endorsed Christmas and is therefore unIslamic. Saudi Aramco reversed the policy, so that everyone had to work during Christmas time. But slyly, Saudi Aramco gave these infidels an extra week for vacation which these guys now cash in for Christmas.

Of course, when it comes to Makkah, infidels can't enter. I know since the heavily loaded authorities check everybody's documents to ensure that the people entering the city are Muslim. Our passports specify our religion.

This article forgot to mention that the Saudi authorities at the ports of entry confiscate any item that has a Jewish connection. For example, books written by Jews are confiscated. Einstein and Feynman are banned in Saudi Arabia.

No Friend

...France is striving to impose its strain of anti-Americanism on other European states that have traditionally preferred the trans-Atlantic partnership to French or Franco-German domination of their Continent's affairs. The principal vehicle for enforcing the latter over unwilling states — notably, Great Britain and nations Don Rumsfeld has described as "New Europe" — is the new European Constitution.

If this draft constitution is ratified by voters in Britain, France and a half-dozen other countries, the European Union will have authority to "define and implement a common foreign and security policy, including the progressive framing of a common defense policy." The U.S. can forget about "special relationships" and strong bilateral ties, let alone "coalitions of the willing," with states bound by such a compact.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. talks about the history of French perfidy and how that is manifesting itself today with France being very cozy with China.

I once wrote a small research paper on China, and was amazed by how China transformed itself from a communist state to a fascist one over the past 25 years.  This transformation brought economic relief to only a few Chinese since most of the inland Chinese are still extremely poor.  I don't consider China an economic threat but politically the situation is very bleak since you only need a few power hungry madmen to start a war. The mix of western technology and zealous totalitarianism is very dangerous. As usual, the French don't give a damn.


An eloquent article, Free Lunch 'Safety', by Thomas Sowell.

If a drug is not safe, neither is the illness for which the drug is prescribed. Nor are alternative drugs likely to be perfectly safe, since nothing else is. Life involves weighing alternative risks, whether in football, pharmaceutical drugs, or a thousand other things.

Precisely, this concept of trade-offs is ignored or not understood by lot of people who continuously demand perfection. They don't realize that to achieve their ever increasing demands the costs become too high for many people including the businesses who often times have these demands regulated upon them.

More Misery

The death toll stands at 44,000. (Update: Over 63,000 dead.)

My family was once watching a disaster show on the TV. We saw hurricanes and tornadoes and the incredible damage that was caused; this was a show about the United States. My mom said that this was Allah's way of punishing the infidels. At the time, I was surprised by that remark because the death toll by these disasters, in the United States, was minimal. The heat wave kills hundreds of people in Pakistan every year. The monsoon washes away houses with livestock and unlucky people. Earthquakes kill tens of thousands of people in countries like Iran, Pakistan, and India. I wondered what Allah was punishing these Muslims for because similar earthquakes in the U.S. kill a few folks.

Lack of freedom, wealth, warning systems, and high population densities are the main reasons why we see such tremendous suffering in Asia and Africa when disasters strike. When I see disasters in the West, I marvel at the colossal material carnage they cause. When I see disasters in 3rd world countries, I am shocked by the inconceivable amount of death and suffering.

Update: The cause of the tsunami: greed and stupidity. And oh, animals are smarter than us.  These people get paid to write this nonsense.

Update: Via LFG, comes these chilling videos of the tsunamis hitting different islands.

What's the highest recorded tsunami? Answer: 1700 feet (520 m).  The tsunamis that hit these islands were, at most, 40 feet high.

From Dim Minds

Link via LFG. A partial fisking of the Chicago Tribune article, "Of Two Minds" follows:

"The king was a moderate Muslim much like the vast majority of those who practice Islam, the world's fastest-growing religion but also one exploited by the terrorists who have attacked America."

Hmm, King Hussein of Jordan was a moderate. I didn't know that moderate Muslims supported Saddam Hussein when he assaulted Kuwait in 1990. When you have a moderate like King Hussein and a fascist like Saddam Hussein in agreement on conquering a tiny helpless country, you need to re-evaluate your definitions of moderate and fascist. Or take your head out of the sand.

"But in many respects the king's and the terrorists' cause were one: Righting an unjust world in which millions of people who practice Islam suffer, often at the hands of governments empowered by America and its policies."

Let's get this straight: the only cause of the king was to stay in power and the terrorists' cause is to usurp power. For as long as I have been alive, America has been helping Muslims. In the 90s, America helped Muslims in Kuwait by sending 500,000 troops, and later helped them in Bosnia, and Kosovo. In this century, America has helped Afghanis start a democracy where none existed before. Americans and the allies have provided food and medical care for millions of needy children there. Over a million refugees have come back to Afghanistan. Since last year, Americans have been spending billions of dollars to help the Iraqis build their country. But let's assume that American policies are hurting Muslims. How exactly does flying jets into buildings, killing tourists at a resort, gleefully raping and murdering school children, and blowing up innocent Iraqis help right that?

"Reporters found little to suggest that Islam encourages violence, despite the impression Westerners might have because of exposure mostly to extremists. In fact, its venerable history suggests that Islam, like most religions, promotes peace and charity."

Right from the beginnings of Islam, Muhammed ordered the peaceful killing of the entire Jewish tribe in Mecca. Muslims then, peacefully, subjugated peoples in Asia, Africa, and Europe. A few years ago, the Taliban peacefully shot women in stadiums. Today, people are peacefully beheaded for alcohol consumption in Saudi Arabia, girls are peacefully stoned to death in Iran, and across much of the Muslim world women are peacefully killed by their families for bringing dishonor to them. So, remember that Islam promotes peace.

"Using America's influence with the Israelis to play a constructive role to help settle the Palestinian conflict would be the single most effective step the U.S. could take to win the war on terrorism and to deter another attack in the U.S. It would defuse the most powerful propaganda weapon in the radicals' arsenal."

Why should the U.S. change it's strong support of Israelis to support the very people who danced and celebrated while thousands of Americans died on September 11, 2001? Obviously, that's what you meant by a constructive role since the U.S. is not playing such a role right now. The U.S. is the only country that stands between Israel and another holocaust. The U.S. is a moral nation and as such she will never support the agents of darkness.

"In some countries, such as Egypt, reporters found an Islamic cultural resurgence rising from a population sick of ineffective government, corruption and recurring humiliation of Arabs by the West. In other nations, such as Iran, reporters found Islam imposed top-down by a religious government that rules its citizens with an iron fist.

In both cases, though, American policy does little to ease the problems of the average Muslim. In Egypt, U.S. policy helps perpetuate a government that is a democracy in name only. In Iran, U.S. opposition to the nation's nuclear ambitions undermines the support of a growing moderate Islamic movement, a youthful faction that rejects the more conservative practices of the nation's ruling imams."

Since when did it become the responsibility of the U.S. to ease the problems of the average Muslim in Egypt and Iran? When the U.S. does help Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. is a NAZI-like resource-hungry state. Therefore, the terrorists in these countries are brave insurgents. When the U.S. doesn't help Muslims in Egypt and Iran, their hatred is warranted. The U.S. can't win, it's always America's fault. At least be consistent; the U.S. promoting democracy in Iraq and not promoting democracy in Egypt can't get the same asinine reaction from you and the Muslims. Or can it?

"Indeed, for every militant killed or captured by the U.S. or another government, Pakistan churns out dozens of potential recruits to take his or her place. A possible effective countermeasure is American aid to promote education reform in Pakistan, a nation whose importance in the fight against Islamic extremism is hard to overstate. But precious little Pakistani or American money finds its way into education reform."

Right, American aid for reform.  Just like the $2 billion in aid Egypt gets every year or the billions of aid money Palestinians have received from the U.S. They're both great models of miserable failure. Most of the money that Pakistan is going to get will be, ahem, lost in the bureaucracy. Some of it that does get to the schools will be given to the madrassas. The only effective way to reform these institutions is to give these countries the shock and awe treatment. That way the U.S. can monitor the flow of money and quickly capture frauds and replace them. Hey, isn't that happening in Iraq? Can you not see that the current U.S. foreign policy is the most effective and the least bloody? After more than two decades of giving peace a chance, the ruins of such thinking were brought to NYC on 911. Enough, time to give war a chance.

"The U.S. should adopt policies that make Muslims as comfortable here as Christians."

What might be those policies? Maybe, covering up women so that they look like dementors, banning women from getting driver's licenses, banning barbies for their unIslamic look, non-muslims paying the dhimmi tax for protection, banks banning interest on money, homosexuals and fornicators being stoned to death, banning books written by Jews, drinking alcohol punishable by death, hanging those who criticise such policies, you know all that good stuff.

When it comes to Islam, the media should stop their auto-fellatio and report the facts.


"Some 150,000 men have registered to vote in elections scheduled to begin in the capital Riyadh on Feb. 10. Officials had estimated that at least 400,000 men would sign up before registration closed Thursday. Woman were barred from voting."

It's considered an improvement when only women are barred from voting. This is just a show from the desert version of Mordor. All government functions are controlled by the  members of the ruling family. The kingdom is never going to relinquish it's power willingly. After the elections, the executions will continue as scheduled, women will still be treated as cattle by the mutaween (religious police), and the Shia will be repressed as before. What a joke.

That's Just Lovely

Muslim second wives may get a tax break by Nicholas Hellen at the UK Times Online.  So, what's next, the Muslim males getting twice as much in the inheritance as the females?

Note, that sharia allows a Muslim male to have a maximum of four wives.  Of course, a Muslim woman can only have one husband.  In African countries, Muslim men marry, or what we would call purchase,  girls as young as six years old.  Such behaviour is fine by sharia.  The time will come in Europe when the only law will be sharia unless the Europeans resist.  Unfortunately, it seem like they're bending over backwards to incorporate sharia.  The question then is which European country will be the first to accept dhimmi status? Via LFG.

Lord Have Mercy

Magnitude 8.9 Earthquake in Indonesia. I have only read about such powerful earthquakes in history. Tens of thousands of people must have died because of this massive shock. It hit Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country on Earth. The tidal waves would have assaulted the thousands of islands of Indonesia and many countries surrounding it. The death toll is going to rise tremendously over the next few days.

Sri Lanka and India hit badly as well. India is sending, at least, six ships to Indonesia with much needed supplies like blankets, food, water, and medicine. The death toll stands at 5,000 right now.

Update: The Command Post has roundups from dozens of places.  The death toll is now at 9,000.  More links at Instapundit.

Update: The U.S. offers aid to the tsunami-hit nations. The death toll now is at 12,000.


A married couple, friends of my parents, dropped by our place in Saudi Arabia, in the summer of 2003. The couple talked to me about two different topics. I'll detail the second topic first.
H: husband, W: wife, IS: myself.

The husband comes and sits next to me.
H: So, the war is over and the U.S. is now in control of Iraq.  How does the media in Canada portray the war in Iraq?
IS: Well, the majority of Canadians are against it and the media portrays it as a mess.
H: I don't think the media, in the U.S., provides the Muslim point of view.  Do you know why that is?
IS: No.
H: It's because most of the media is controlled by Jews. They are very rich and think that it would be harmful to their interests to have Muslims speak. Hence, only their point of view is broadcast which is always anti-Muslim. But, we have a few Muslim brothers who are getting donations and starting organizations to counter their propaganda.
IS: [ word...]
H: Inshallah, they'll be successful and the Jewish monopoly will come to an end. This Jewish monopoly is also the reason for the pro-Israel slant of the U.S. media. The palestinians are simply ignored.
IS: [...unbelievable...]

Now, the first topic.
H: How is your study going in Canada?
IS: Quite well.  The material gets tougher and the students in the class dwindle with every passing year.
W: We want our kids to study in Canada as well. Do you think the costs are high?
IS: Well, the living expenses are usually $1000 a month and the other cost is tuition.
W: What's the cost of tuition?
IS: It's dependant on the number of courses one takes.  For a full course load, it's $12,000 a year.
H: That's a lot.
IS: That cost is for international students, national students pay considerably less.
W: Our kids have Canadian nationality.
IS: What!?
H: Yeah, when my wife would get pregnant, I would send her to Canada to her relatives. She gave birth to all our kids in Canada.
IS: [...damn...] Then, the tuition for one of your kids would be $5000 a year.
H and W look at each with surprise.
H: Nice.
W: I am worried about him (her son) being alone. How many Pakistanis/Indians go to your university?
IS: Oh, at least a thousand.
W: (with a shocked look) a thousand!
IS: Believe me your kids are not going to be alone.
The wife goes in the kitchen. The husband comes and sits next to me...

That demonstrates the conflicted, convoluted and antisemitic view of this Muslim couple. I wish that such kind of "thinking" was in the minority.

Further reading:
Joos use media as a weapon.


"Parents don’t have to be perfect. They don’t have to buy the “right” toy to jump-start an infant’s “cognitive skills” or play Mozart to a dribbling three-year-old — and contrary to what many women have been told these last few years, they also don’t have to be a stellar model of career success for their children to admire."

That quote is from Mary Eberstadt from the Q&A at NRO.

On the few occasions when the conversation between friends and acquaintances has turned to parenting, my opinion has raised amused, sometimes shocked, eyebrows.  I am in favor of a stay-at-home parent and homeschooling.  That, in their opinion, translates to me condemning my future kids to being socially retarded and wasting my future wife's life. Of course, my comment referred to a stay-at-home parent, not necessarily the mom, but I find it odd, to say the least, that a woman's life is wasted if she chooses to be a stay-at-home mom.  Sadly, this attitude is quite common.  Kids are simply looked at as a nuisance.  Practically everyone I know in my age group has said that they'll have at most two kids.  No wonder the population of the West is declining.

Leftist Lunacy

"Furious students and faculty members at the Borough of Manhattan Community College are demanding that the school abandon plans for a certificate program on security management. They view it as an endorsement of the Bush administration’s Department of Homeland Security."

This college is in Manhattan. Do these furious faculty members have an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Unadulterated Stupidity? And since when did security become a "right-wing" issue?

As time passes, the less respect I have for academia and "intellectuals". I feel sorry for the students who are being fed this dangerous nonsense. Via LFG.


I had paid for a hard drive earlier this month. I got it in the mail yesterday. It's an IDE 300 GB Maxtor with 16 MB cache. Ah, Christmas came a day early for me. It's formatted capacity is 279 GB. I have been backing up my data on it and now I have about 105 GB free space left.

Few years ago, I had the misfortune of getting, not one, but two IBM Deathstar hard disks from DELL. Both died within 6 months. DELL replaced both, because of the warranty, and sent me a Western Digital 100 GB. Since then, I've been very cautious and make backups very frequently. Right now I have two 120 GB Seagates in RAID as my primary and use an external 160 GB hard disk for backup. Since last month I have been short on space, and now I don't have to worry about that for at least a year with this Maxtor monster. Cheers (Non-alcoholic drinks only infidels).

AP Allergic to Truth

"One of the most blatant lies of the 2004 campaign was when AP reporter Scott Lindlaw, a long-time Democratic partisan, falsely reported that a crowd of Republicans in Wisconsin booed when President Bush announced that Bill Clinton had just been hospitalized with a heart problem."

I heard the audio and there was applause when Bush wished Clinton a speedy recovery.

Now, the AP is lying about Rumsfeld's response to questions.

VDH Quotes

John Hawkins compiles the best Victor Davis Hanson quotes of 2004.

"Apart from the model of our forefathers who crushed and then lifted up the Germans and Japanese, we could find no better guide in this war than William Tecumseh Sherman and Abraham Lincoln — in that order. The former would remind us that our enemies traffic in pride and thus first must be disabused of it through defeat and humiliation. The latter (who turned Sherman and Grant lose) would maintain that we are a forgiving sort, who prefer restored rather than beaten people as our friends."

I am currently reading the memoirs of Sherman and hope to learn from his wisdom.

"There are plenty of third-world revolutionaries today, but very few who wave the hammer and sickle. Again, it is not that mankind ceased being naïve or duped, and woke up to the absurdities of Marxism and the mass murder that typically followed its implementation. Rather, very few wished to be associated with a losing ideology that offered no arms, patrons, or money — but a lot of misery, humiliation, and ridicule. This war against the Islamofascists and autocrats of the Middle East is no different."

Indeed, it is the same. If you want one source for your World War IV info, then VDH is your man.

Moral Legitimacy...

Over the past few years, I met a lot of people who said that the U.S. couldn't go to war with Iraq without UN authorization. I corrected them by saying that they meant shouldn't.  I should have talked to them about their mistaken assumption that the UN has inherent moral legitimacy whereas the U.S. and the Allies had none.

The UN takes half it's time tearing apart a tiny democracy which is fighting against barbarians. The repressive Islamic world gets a pass. In fact, the UN has basically become an Islamic thugocracy. A vote, in the General Assembly, by the U.S. can be cancelled by Saddam's ideological buddies, the Syrians. In the end, these impotent dictatorships gang up on Israel while they continue to keep their populations as slaves. The UN has no problem getting rich off these people's misery via oil-for-food. It's modern purpose is to shackle the U.S. for they don't have the military means to do so. The UN cannot be reformed. The U.S. should leave it and form a union of democracies.

Update: UN peacekeepers raped young girls.


I got a haircut earlier today. The conversation between myself and the barber follows:

Barber: So, how would you like your haircut?
IS: I'd like medium length.
Barber: Not too long, not too short, just perfect, eh.  Good weather today.
IS: It's very cold.
Barber: I've been here 40 years. It gets a lot colder. I have a friend who went to Barbados for work. He lived there for only 3 years because he couldn't take it. He missed the four seasons.
IS: Well, I've lived in Saudi Arabia, so this is quite cold for me.
Barber: Really, Saudi Arabia hunh. I would have figured that you're from India.
IS: I was born in Pakistan.
Barber: Oh, same difference. Pakistanis are Muslim and Indians are...
IS: Hindus, mostly.
Barber: Right, Hindus. So, you don't celebrate Christmas back home.
IS: Christmas is banned in Saudi Arabia.
Barber: Oh, ... here you can't really avoid it. What kind of government do you have?
IS: It's a kingdom.
Barber: So, is that a democracy? No, is it a dictatorship?
IS: Yup, it's a dictatorship.
Barber: What's the name of the king?
IS: Fahd.
Barber: Faaoood.
IS: F-A-H-D. FA-hud.
Barber: Fahud.
IS: Yup.
Barber: Does the king have sons who want to take over?
IS: He has brothers who are next in line.
Another person walks in for a haircut; has a chat with the barber.  Few minutes pass.
Barber: You don't drink alcohol.
IS: The punishment for drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia is death.
Barber: Wow....My son goes out with his buddies and they have a Muslim friend, Ahmad, and he's the designated driver.
IS: Yeah, by default.
On the radio: ...Right now the temperature is -8 deg. C...
Barber: See, that's not bad.
IS: Do you know what the record low temperature in one place in Saudi Arabia is?
Barber: No.
IS: 0 deg. C.
Barber: Hmm, what would the temperature be right now in Saudi Arabia?
IS: Around 20-25 deg. C.
Few minutes pass.
Barber: This time of the year is quite special for us. My wife asked me, 'What time are you going to be home today?' I said after 2. She is back home, cooking. We're going to church tonight. There are going to be 20 people in our house tomorrow. We're going to our brother's house as well.
Barber finishes the haircut.
Barber: He smiles and says, I am going to tell you this, Happy Holidays.
IS: I smile back, and say Merry Christmas.
Barber: Thank you.
IS: Thanks.

Merry Christmas, y'all.

The Don Revisited

VDH's defense of Rumsfeld is infinitely better than mine.

"...the demand for Rumsfeld's scalp is also predicated on supposedly too few troops in the theater. But here too the picture is far more complicated. Vietnam was no more secure with 530,000 American soldiers in 1968 than it was with 24,000 in 1972. How troops are used, rather than their sheer numbers, is the key to the proper force deployment — explaining why Alexander the Great could take a Persian empire of 2 million square miles with an army less than 50,000, while earlier Xerxes with 500,000 on land and sea could not subdue tiny Greece, one-fortieth of Persia's size."

As always, his column is rich with history.

"In reality, he [Rumsfeld] has carefully allotted troops in Iraq because he has few to spare elsewhere — and all for reasons beyond his control."

Precisely. We can't blame Rumsfeld for issues that are beyond his control.

"And who pushed to re-deploy thousands of troops out of Europe, and to re-station others in Korea? Or were we to keep ossified bases in perpetuity in the logic of the Cold War while triangulating allies grew ever-more appeasing to our enemies and more gnarly to us, their complacent protectors?"

No, sir.  It's about time those soldiers in Europe moved out.  I found it particularly rich of the, oh-so-anti-American, Germans to complain about American troops leaving. Yeah, they're perfectly willing to take American dollars while providing idiotic and acidic commentary to the Americans. Serves them right.

Go read it all now.

Killing Democracy

The infidel Americans have killed the democracy in Iraq. They achieved this by deposing "President" Saddam from power. "President" Saddam got around 99.94% of the vote in the election, like OMG it was Bradmanesque.  The Iraqis had so many real choices before the "liberation" man, like being put in a shredder head or feet first. The Iraqis made less than $10 a month and now they're earning over 100s of dollars every month. The Americans have transformed them from noble savages to capitalist pigs. Oh, the humanity.

The Americans are also adept at propaganda.  They use CIA stooges, and embedded reporters which makes it troublesome for the "insurgents".  This adds to the confusion; the "insurgents" don't know whether the reporters are combatants or not. It's the American's fault that the "insurgents" have slaughtered reporters. The solution is clear, the infidels should put back Saddam and leave.

Anti-Americanism is the opium of the Leftists.

Good Stuff

Tim Blair provides some quotes from November 2004. A glorious month, as W got a mandate and Arafat assumed room temperature. The following two are my favorites and were directly taken from his post.

* "There are a lot of long faces today." -- New Yorker editor David Remnick, who really should consider John Kerry's feelings before speaking

* "George Soro." -- caption typo in the Washington Times. Hey, who wouldn't be sad after wasting millions on a campaign to oust George W. Bush?

Free Speech Revisited

Robert Spencer provides chilling commentary about the anti-free speech case in Australia.

"There are some hints that the outcome of the case was virtually predetermined. When during the trial Scot began to read Qur’anic verses that discriminate against women, a lawyer for the Islamic Council of Victoria, the organization that brought the suit, stopped him: reading the verses aloud, she said, would in itself be religious vilification. Dismayed, Scot replied: “How can it be vilifying to Muslims in the room when I am just reading from the Qur’an?”"

The dumb government in Victoria has just set a very dangerous precedent.  This is the same case that was linked to last Saturday.

Science = Consensus

This is a lecture given by Michael Crichton at Caltech titled, "Aliens Cause Global Warming". I just finished reading the incredible piece. He calls SETI a religion and moves on to other "scientific" material. The following stood out:

"This fascination with computer models is something I understand very well. Richard Feynmann called it a disease. I fear he is right."

I think of Feynman as the most lively and diligent scientist of the 20th century and it's nice to know what his opinion was about this "science".

The whole lecture by Crichton is worth reading.

The C Word Returns

Last Saturday, I linked to a column by James Lilek's about the Holiday-that-must-not-be-named. James Wolcott responded to that column in a prissy manner and now is at the receiving end of a delightful fisking by Lilek's.  An excerpt:

"I did write a long, angry paragraph about how I blamed this webpage on sodomite penetration of the venerable postal service (just typing the words now stirs something horrid in my cold, gristled loins) and I warned you all, warned you, that unless we put CHRISTMAS atop the page in 72 point type we are doomed to go the way of ancient Rome, lost in a swirl of sybaritic vapors and unable to resist the Huns with thier hordes of gay Jewish trial lawyers, or something like that. But I took it out. The truth may set you free, but it gets you called to the editor’s office, too."

Go read it all.