Easy to fool the sheep

Your health is irrelevant. What matter is that Big Pharma got billions in profits and the governments increased their power through intrusive surveillance.

Compassionate Zoolander

Canadians will re-elect this lovely fellow for a third term tomorrow:

The political elite

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York may play the role of the young, clear-eyed socialist. The humble “working-class” woman of color. The scourge of capitalists everywhere.

But when it comes to indulging in the trappings of the high life and generating wealth for both herself and her friends, she is as shameless and shrewd as the most unscrupulous oil baron.

She's not as dumb as she looks.

Ocasio-Cortez, who trades on a carefully crafted “working class” image, indulged herself this week in an exclusive party infamous for its extravagant displays of power and wealth. She attended wearing a “Tax the rich” designer dress borrowed from the upper-crust girlfriend of the billionaire Seagram heir. The congresswoman, whose admission was waived by the taxpayer-subsidized Met, also showed up to the event toting a customized $995 “Tax the rich” handbag, likewise provided by the Canadian-born designer.

At this rate, she'll be modeling "Tax the rich" decals on a custom pink Lamborghini soon.

That totalitarian instinct

The posters and stickers have nothing to do with any type of nationalism or LBGTBBQ. Still, I'm surprised that they didn't skip go and outright call them Nazis.

No Kiwis for Pakistan!

New Zealand have called off their limited-overs tour of Pakistan citing security concerns, leaving the cricket community in Pakistan unimpressed. PCB chairman Ramiz Raja was especially critical of the New Zealand Cricket decision, saying, "Walking out of the tour by taking a unilateral approach on a security threat is very frustrating. Especially when it is not shared! Which world is NZ living in? NZ will hear us at ICC."

"Which world is NZ living in?"

The real world, Ramiz. And it looks like New Zealand isn't alone:

"We're aware of New Zealand's decision to pull out of the Pakistan tour due to a security alert," an ECB spokesperson said. "We are liaising with our security team who are on the ground in Pakistan to fully understand the situation. The ECB Board will then decide in the next 24-48 hours whether our planned tour should proceed."

Masks are for the little people

It's about power, not science:

They will claim that it is fine for rich Democratic donors at Pelosi's party to sit on top of one other maskless because they are eating even though the video shows they have no food in front of them (they are waiting for the masked servants of color to bring their food) and even though shoveling food into one's open mouth does not actually create a wall of immunity against transmission of the virus from one's open-mouthed table neighbors. The Met Gala's red carpet is said to be “outdoors” even though it is surrounded by tent walls and other structures, and still leaving the question of why workers need to be masked in the same area.

A few words from a downtrodden woman:

Broken heart

This kid doesn't weigh four hundred pounds. He was a healthy athlete. This fact shows just how dangerous the vaccines can be to young people.

Let them eat caviar

So woke, so progressive:

In an Instagram live video recorded in her posh D.C. apartment, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced today she is now selling Tax the Rich Caviar for just $10,000 a can. [...]

"It's, like, delicious caviar," Ocasio-Cortez said in her video. "Every bite like... mmm, so good... every bite takes me back to growing up in a hard-knock neighborhood in New York. You guys gotta get in on this, fam, so we can show the rich people we mean business."

The evil of equality

One of the "counterarguments" against gay marriage was: how can you be against love!? Well, that perverted reasoning can also be applied to sexual relations between adults and kids.

Then, we got the transgender virus. Kids, who don't have the capacity to know any better, want to transition and to stand against that makes one [whatever]-phobic. Again, if a boy can decide to mutilate his genitals, then he can consent to use them in other ways.

Logically, kids can also decide, without parental consent, if they want to jab themselves:

Fury has erupted after ministers today confirmed plans to vaccinate all children over 12 across the UK from next week - with experts warning it may lead to unvaccinated pupils being 'bullied' and could even 'tear families apart'.

Parents, experts and teaching unions today warned of tension in schools after the UK signed off on plans to offer Covid jabs to healthy 12 to 15-year-olds — which will see children get the final say on whether they are vaccinated.

The age of consent was implicitly lowered with the transgender virus. This is merely putting an explicit number on it -- the age of 12:

Also note that this is an effective lowering of the age of consent to 12. After all, if you’re old enough to make important medical decisions for yourself, you’re old enough to make decisions about other activities concerning your body.

It's only a matter of time before new Britons of the halaal variety start crying discrimination! and how can you be against love! when they encounter resistance upon following the example of their prophet.

The Supreme Dark Lord:

Pedophilia is the end game of Equality. It always was.

The control group cannot exist

Bingo! Over 41 million people in the US were infected with COVID. They're immune. Still, the government is mandating vaccination as a condition for employment. Where are all those liberal science lovers when you need them?

A most progressive book burning

This is where the logic of tearing down statues leads to:

A book burning held by an Ontario francophone school board as an act of reconciliation with Indigenous people has received sharp condemnation from Canadian political leaders and the board itself now says it regrets its symbolic gesture.

Still waiting for the day when "problematic" figures get replaced on the currency in Western countries. It must be so traumatic for coloreds to look at their historical abusers every time they do a transaction with notes. This must stop. We must do better!

Not another Holocaust!

That dude is upset that Pfizer didn't announce that Israel is part of an experiment! The entire globe is a laboratory! Everyone who has been jabbed is taking an untested experimental drug. Israel is merely a few weeks ahead.

Burning calories

That was pretty funny. Anyway, instead of a treadmill, I used an elliptical machine for my gym cardio before Corona Chan made its debut. I could burn over a 1,000 calories in an hour. I kept pushing it and once did 2,700 calories in 2.5 hours. That wasn't a smart move. Afterwards, I didn't go over 2,400 calories in one session. More than that and the exhaustion and body soreness would be too much. I had found my limit.

Red or blue?

One of my friends in high school asked me to go watch a movie in the theatre.

"Which movie?"

He told me. 

"Does it have something to do with math?"

"I don't know but it looks good."

The movie was a little slow in the first half. It more than made up for it with its jaw-dropping finale. I had watched a landmark sci-fi action movie in 1999. Oh, it definitely wasn't about math. Now, Mr. Wick will resurrect the role that made him famous.