The MAGA Country Saga


Reality is racist

It's a similar story with terrorist acts. Look at how many people have been murdered by Islamic terrorist acts in this century in the US; the murder rate of that 0.5% of the total population is stunning. But, of course, the real danger is HUWHITE SUPEMACYSTS!

Auto Nation Rises

Just say no!

It poisons the whole atmosphere where one can't even have a conversation with the average guy because the words you're using today could mean something else by the end of the month. Pure logic holds less power when you're branded as a VERY BAD PERSON.

Thanks to the Internet, we can actually see and point out these insidious changes in vocabulary.

Sacrificing quality and lives

The Daily Beast: How Boeing Was Set on the Path to Disaster by the Cult of Jack Welch.

This excerpt describes the human condition:

[...] McNerney, touting the Welch philosophy of “more for less,” ruled out the new jet and opted, instead, for what became the 737MAX, a hybrid of yet another iteration of the old airframe and the vastly improved engine that would give airlines much higher efficiency. The new program would cost $2.5 billion; the clean-sheet jet would have cost $20 billion. (As it turned out, the MAX catastrophe has cost the company well north of $20 billion.)

They killed hundreds, lost billions of dollars, and burned their immense reputation in one shot. That's some big-brain "savings".

It's also grim that a CEO who pushed the alternative (by making a brand new jet costing $20 billion) wouldn't have received any credit for actually saving lives, money, and their prestige. Most likely, he would have been fired for his "unnecessary" and "wasteful" spending. That's the Wall Street mantra; they only care about the short term: lowering costs and rising stock prices.

Sugar and sloth

Staggering. Soon, only one out of every fourth person will be at a healthy weight. The food companies sell sweet poison and the pharma firms provide you easy pills to survive for a while. It's an insidious system. Though, at the end of the day, you have to wake up and decide to change your eating habits. It's not easy but that's life.

A few suggestions from experience:

  • Limit your meals to a six-hour window in a day. Even better, move to one meal a day if you can; drink only water for lunch or dinner.
  • Drastically reduce your intake of carbs (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) and sugary foods and drinks.
  • Fats and proteins are your friends: butter, eggs, chicken, fish, beef, etc.
  • Walk. An average of half-hour per day will make one lose roughly one pound per month. It doesn't sound like a lot but it definitely adds up over time.

Remember, this isn't a diet plan for a few months. It's a consistent effort for the rest of your life. It's uncomfortable and most likely painful in the beginning but the mind and body will adapt and improve.

Their gain, your loss

Big Pharma wants all the profits with none of the downsides. That's why they'll keep creating booster shot #2, 3, 4, and beyond while people suffer through reactions, heart problems and possible cancers down the road.

Diverse shadow program

A super progressive program at Washington and Lee University:

“To promote equality of opportunity, the WIS has developed a successful diverse shadow program and we encourage you to apply if you self-identify with any of the following communities: Women, Black, Lantinx, Latin, Native American, LGBTQ+, Veterans, and Students with Disabilities,” the society states in advertising the program.

But, of course, they're totally not racist:

The private institution lists on the bottom of the homepage of its website a disclaimer that “Washington and Lee University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran’s status, or genetic information in its educational programs and activities, admissions, and with regard to employment.”

White and Asian students should use the legal system to fight.

Going full retard

As if the millions of new immigrants, stagnant wages, and sky-high rents and housing prices wasn't bad enough, we're now being told to cut down on VERY BAD language:

Have you ever casually used the terms "spirit animal," "first-world problem," or "spooky"? It might be time to rethink your use of these phrases and remove them from your daily lingo.

Of course, some words can ONLY be uttered by certain people. For example:

"If a non-Indigenous person says 'this is my tribe,' I don't think it's OK, despite the fact that they're using it presumably in a metaphorical way," said Taniguchi.

The combination of ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, and maliciousness is absolutely stunning. The word "tribe" has been used across multiple continents for thousands of years. Since when did a few people in Canada get a monopoly on that term?

This is just another tool that'll be used against Bad Thinkers. If you've used VERY BAD words like blacklist, spooky, ghetto, savage, lame, etc., then get ready to be cancelled in the near-future. 

Pharma Profits

There are close to 50 million people in America who got Covid and lived. There's zero reason for them to get a vaccine. Yet, the system demands it. The reason isn't public health. $25 per shot, three jabs total, that's nearly $4 billion in pharma revenue.

For your safety

Independent reporting or footage that doesn't fit the Narrative will be deleted. For example, a video of a future Kyle Rittenhouse defending himself will be blocked because the attackers didn't give consent.

"Transitory" Terminated

The Money Printer couldn't ignore reality forever:

The nation’s economic steward said it will back off of using the word “transitory” to describe the fast pace of price increases, as Federal Reserve policymakers acknowledge the increasing risk of more persistent inflation.

“We tend to use [the word transitory] to mean that it won’t leave a permanent mark in the form of higher inflation,” Fed Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress on Tuesday. “I think it’s probably a good time to retire that word and try to explain more clearly what we mean.”

Lockdown HARDER!

Yup. Government doesn't learn from or admit failures. It doubles down on them. Also, VAX and BOOST HARDER!

Can't offend the barbarians

The simple truth is considered offensive by the Toronto School Board:

Over three months after the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) began its crackdown on European children’s literature and destroyed 5,000 books for being “offensive” to indigenous people, the body has again sparked an uproar for having withdrawn its support for a book club event with Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad, fearing it could “offend” Muslim students. [...]

For Murad’s event, which was to be held in February 2022, the board said the book written by her could “promote Islamophobia” and “offend” their Muslim students.

Murad, a Yazidi human rights activist, was 19 when she was taken as a sex slave in 2014 by the Islamic State militants who invaded her village in northern Iraq.

For astute students, this was definitely educational.

Magical Black Friday

Perhaps, joggers can start this ritual in Canada:

In a beloved San Fran tradition, stores across the city are holding their annual 100% off Black Friday sale today, offering shoppers the opportunity to come in, throw as much stuff in a bag as they can fit, and run out of the store.

Mostly peaceful!

One shopper said she just had to go check out the savings on designer handbags. "Yeah, I don't really like going out in the crowds, but for 100% off, sure. I'll throw on a ski mask and some gloves and grab as many Gucci purses as possible."

Embracing oppression?

A Canadian medical researcher who rose to become the nation’s top voice on indigenous health has been ousted from her government job and her university professorship — after suspicious colleagues investigated her increasingly fanciful claims of Native American heritage and learned she was a fraud.

Uh oh.

Far from being a member of the Métis nation, as she had long claimed, a laborious trace of Bourassa’s family tree revealed that her supposedly indigenous ancestors were in fact immigrant farmers who hailed from Russia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia.

It's strange that she rejected her sweet sweet White Privilege to embrace the wretched, harsh life of a Colored woman.

The case is drawing comparisons to that of Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who claimed to be black as president of a local branch of the NAACP — and to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who claimed Native American ancestry on the strength of family lore and her “high cheekbones.”

It's like The Narrative is bullshit.

Latent strength

Yeah, a few stats are stuck in my head. For example, Henry Ford had built an incredible assembly line for aircraft in the US. It was run 24/7. He wanted it to output 1 in every 60. Unfortunately, the factory could manage only 1 in every 70.

That's one aircraft every 70 minutes. How were they tested? The plane would come out of the factory, get fueled and then flown away. No crash? Then, it works!

Germany had less than 2,000 Tiger tanks against the American, British, and Canadian troops on the Western front. America built and shipped over 50,000 Sherman tanks. 

Just reading about American logistics makes it clear why the Axis Powers were doomed.

No justice

Alim K. (24) ambushed his pregnant ex-girlfriend with the knife. Then the student stabbed 76 times, killing Juvy-Ann (22) and their unborn child.

What should be the punishment for a monster who stabs a pregnant woman and her baby to death? According to a German judge: one decade. Worse, the demon will be be out in six years for "good" behavior.

Father Hans Joachim F. in tears to BILD: “A bank robber gets the same punishment. And here someone is butchering my daughter and maybe getting out of jail before he's thirty. How can that be?" [...]

Judge Kelm explains: “The victim insulted him before the act, that is a shattering of the personality structure. Only then did he freak out, pulling the knife he had brought with him."

What a template. Every halaal murderer is going to use that excuse in the future. That gal insulted me! I couldn't help but slice her up! You understand.

Monsters peddle the Narrative

What words did the media use to describe Kyle Rittenhouse?

White supremacist. Racist. Terrorist. Murderer.

Now, we have a real murderer who deliberately drove his car through a Christmas parade and how does the media describe it?

Accident. Incident. Crash.

The media lies all the time. They'll demonize a White hero and ignore the wickedness when the subject is Black. It truly is sickening.

Don't give an inch

Of course. The proper response to TEAR DOWN STATUES was to build more of them. Now, that the wicked logic is set, soon every White historical figure will get cancelled.

I'm still waiting for George Washington to become problematic. He owned slaves! Why is his face on the one-dollar bill!? How can the coloreds in America be subjected to this trauma every day!? Remove his face, tear down his statues, and change the name of cities and states! If you oppose this, then, obviously, you're a horrible racist Trump-lovin' Nazi!