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As the majority of Canadians are suffering from low-wage jobs, miserable traffic, months-long hospital wait times, and increased thefts and robberies, the "conservative" leader of the largest province brags about bringing in close to a million more unwanted people in the area.

Population of Texas: 31 million
Population of Florida: 23 million

So, assuming a 1,000 people a day, that's a 1.3% increase in their population through immigration.

Population of Ontario: 16 million

A staggering 5% spike in population in one year! It's economic and societal destruction but the provincial leader spins it as something positive!

Orwell 2024

Female: ... opposite of male!

Male: ...opposite of female!

The destruction of language and common sense:


So, the government opens the borders, invites thousands of foreigners, and then pays their rents! There are Scots who are forcibly paying for this while their children are suffering with ever-increasing rents and lower wages because of the spike in labor supply.

There's no way the majority of people would support this policy. This is a quintessential example of a damaging, anti-democratic action by the political elite.

Pajeet power!

Canadians are famous for being lazy. This hardworking Indian is simply doing the job that they just won't do.

Police charged a 20-year-old man from India following a drug trafficking investigation.

Last Thursday, officers from the Regina Police Service (RPS) conducted a vehicle stop on what they call a “suspected drug trafficker” where a search was yielded.

The value of the seizure is believed to be approximately $1.3 million dollars, police stated.

The Liberals in Canada have imported over five million people in the last ten years. Of course, in totally unrelated news:


The political elite got a small baksheesh for their help:

The EU Commission concealed details of multibillion-euro Covid vaccine deals with pharma giants Pfizer and AstraZeneca without legitimate reason to do, the European Union’s second highest judicial body has found.

Almost $3 billion!

Brussels promptly reacted to the judgement, which came just two days before a European Parliament vote on Ursula von der Leyen’s bid for a second term as the EU Commission head. She has controversially claimed she deleted key SMS messages between her and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, and will be the subject of a European Court of Justice ruling on the matter expected this year.

Big Pharma got profits. Big Government increased its power. Big Media mocked and belittled those who pointed out the whole clown show. The average citizen who succumbed to the pressure has to pay the price.

The Supreme Dark Lord:

It’s always fascinating to see how the biggest champions of “our democracy” are unelected elites whose number one priority is thwarting the genuine will of the people and taking advantage of their position to enrich themselves and their masters.

Agents of chaos

The primary problem: The political elite that sells out to corporate interests and imports millions of low-wage foreigners with zero background checks. Of course, these new "Canadians" largely vote for policies that call for even more immigration; their parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents utilize the health care in which they've paid exactly $0.

The secondary problem: The ponzi real estate market of Canada. The only way to pump it is to have insane, artificial demand and low supply. That's how we get situations where 25 people are renting one basement of a house. Businesses love these "lucrative assets" who often work for $10 an hour when the minimum wage is close to $17.

The scam artists from India deserve a portion of the blame as well. They lie about their English proficiency and make fraudulent resumes. In a market where rent for a 1-bedroom is north of $2,000, they're content working for low, illegal wages because they often share such apartments with half a dozen other Indians. Often, they're willing to pay to get a job ($50,000 for an LMIA). The companies that hire them are not even productive; their business is human trafficking.

These perverse incentives shatter the job opportunities for teenagers and other young Canadians.

Of course, all these problems wouldn't exist if Canada didn't have traitorous politicians who opened the borders and made their citizens compete with the entire world.

The God Emperor stands

The Left has been calling him Literally Hitler for years. So, of course, killing the biggest, baddest, most evilest Nazi would be so brave and totally courageous:

Donald Trump is pictured bloodied as he's rushed off stage by Secret Service after a shooting at a rally in Pennsylvania. One audience member and the shooter are believed to have died. The incident is being investigated as an assassination attempt.

It's surprising that it has taken this long for an assassination attempt. Given the sheer numbers of sheep in America, I would have thought that a psycho would have pulled the trigger many years ago. Can you imagine the media orgasms and the adulation for the killer if he had succeeded?

Obviously, anyone who openly supports Trump is automatically a Nazi. So, they also have a target on their heads.

Mike Cernovich is right:

The average Canadian is fucked

Thousands of old Canadians have become homeless thanks to rising housing costs and skyrocketing rents. They've paid taxes for decades. There is zero help for them from the government. Instead, the Canadian state is buying properties to house foreigners!

The City of Ottawa is poised to pay $11 million for a nunnery it plans to make into transitional housing, its latest purchase or lease to provide homes to the increasing number of newcomers to Ottawa and relieve pressure on overburdened shelters.

This is the sorry state of the real estate market in Canada. Wealthy foreigners buy up quality houses and apartments which drives up prices and the Canadian government buys up properties for poor imported hordes which makes homes even more unaffordable. Again, this shows that the non-Canadians are not the primary issue; the main problem is the traitorous political elite in Canada which doesn't serve the real citizens of the country.