Die parasites die!

Funny. Just a few days ago, I was out and felt a tiny sting on my right hand. Looked and saw one bastard on my knuckles. SMACK! Dead. I was surprised with the amount of blood that splattered.

A few minutes later, another one! SMACK! Less blood this time.

Then, moments later, one more! SMACK! No blood.

Definitely improving with practice. My right hand looked like a piece of modern art with three mangled mosquitos.

Very Bad News

A reasonable person would be more upset with the criminals:

Yeah. You see the problem isn't that those black people are low-IQ, violent thugs, it's that Fox News is showing us that they're low-IQ, violent thugs. It goes against the Narrative that they're angels who could one day become doctors and engineers if only the horrible White people would stop oppressing them.

Plus, it also showcases how other news networks are anything but because they simply refuse to report the ugly reality.

No trust

A lot of people are, obviously, writing about diversity. That's true. There's another factor: nearly zero consequences for criminals.

I remember travelling to Medina and Makkah in the 90s. These cities are filled with peoples from all over the world. Literally tens of millions visit them every year. One of the most memorable sights is the jewellery stores. They are many and they are absolutely glittering. One almost has to put on sunglasses to get a full view of all the gold.

I remember walking in front of the stores. The doors were open but nobody was present. The owners had left during the time for prayer. It was a golden opportunity for thieves! Yet, no one dared. Why? Because criminals prefer to not have their hands chopped off. Contrast that ruthlessness with the revolving door policies for criminals in the US. How absurd it is to read of another robber, rapist or killer who had been arrested 15, 16 or 17 times before his latest spree.

Breathing Fire!

England failed to chase relatively low scores two games in a row. They are in no mood to repeat their failures. Salt is peppering the ground with boundaries. The required run rate was a manageable 8.5 but his strike rate is approaching 300!

So, it'll be 3-3. The winner takes all match is on Sunday. This has been a hugely entertaining series. The biggest contrast has been the frustratingly conservative Pakistani batting versus the insanely risky English shot selection. Had England played a little carefully, they would have already won the series. There was little reason for aggression when they chased 145 on Sep. 28. Well, today, it worked out for them.

One Veggie To Rule Them All

Yup. Potatoes are awesome. The best is oven baked wedges with a bit of beef fat. Sprinkle salt, pepper and oregano; roasted garlic on the side with sour cream as a dipping. That can be an entire meal.

Another constriction

The Pakistani bowlers showed up to win a second match in a row against England.

For the second successive game, Pakistan were put in to bat first, scraped to what appeared a below-par total, and saw their bowlers bail them out. After being bowled out for 145 in 18.5 overs, the hosts took the attack to England with the ball, knocking over three wickets in the powerplay and then squeezing with the spin of Shadab Khan and Iftikhar Ahmed.

Even though there are two matches left, Rizwan is a lock for the Man of the Series award for his 68 88* 8 88 63. Considering how the middle order keeps falling apart, his runs are incredibly valuable. They won the last match by 3 runs, today by 6. Without Rizwan, it would have been serious losses.

Those horrible White supremacists!


Inflexible order

Asif Ali hit more sixes in his three deliveries than the rest of the team did in 19.3 overs! Ali should have been sent in to bat in the 12th over to get the momentum going. To make matters worse, the management sent Shah before Ali in the 19th over. What were they thinking? Did they forget this remarkable hitting from Ali in the World Cup last year?

England must be salivating to chase this 166. Let's see if they can be stopped.

Update: England take unnecessary risks and get reduced to 14/3. Their approach is fearless. So, they'll keep on marching. Pakistan need every wicket to win.

England, now, 116/6 with 51 runs needed in 5 overs. A big test for their lower order.

Liam Dawson smashes Hasnain. 24 runs in 4 legal deliveries!

WOW! England needed 9 runs from 12 balls but Pakistan's bowlers fought back and took 3 quick wickets to win the game by 3 runs! The team that scored a mammoth 220 runs two days ago couldn't chase 166 today.

The seesaw series is at 2-2 with 3 matches left.

Not so universal

An amazing guide on how NOT to name new tech for consumers:

In 2013, USB-IF announced that it was taking USB up to 10 Gbps and, in doing so, changed the version number for all USB 3.x products. So USB 3.0 (5 Gbps) became USB 3.1 Gen 1 and the new, 10 Gbps speed became USB 3.1 Gen 2.

In 2017, the organization rolled out a 20 Gbps speed for USB 3.x devices. In honor of the new speed, the version number changed for all speeds so the 5 Gbps speed became USB 3.2 Gen 1 and the 10 Gbps speed became USB 3.2 Gen 2 and the 20 Gbps speed became USB 3.2 Gen 2x2.

They renamed older tech twice! Also, the "Gen 2x2" never fails to amuse. The cherry on top of this confusion is that one has to worry about USB cables. For example, you can connect your phone to your PC using a USB-C cable and then ... nothing happens. So, one has to check the relevant USB version and have the proper cable.

10 to 11

What I wrote eariler today:

The template for the opposition is simple: break the opening partnership and expose the less experienced, weaker players who can't manage the spiking required run rate.

Babar out for 8. Rizwan out for 8. Game over. One positive for Pakistan: Shan Masood. The big negative: their bowling. They don't have the resources to limit the damage from the opposition batsmen. Shaheen and Shadab are definitely missed.

Always have options

That's the major downside of a debt-powered lifestyle. Remember reading a story about a guy who kept on buying more and bigger as his income went up. He moved his wife and children to a better house with a larger mortgage. Got a newer car; wife got her own. Eventually wife quit her job to stay home. More toys, lavish vacations. The problem? Zero savings and insane debt.

He lost his job in 2008. Sold her car. Then, his own. Couldn't pay mortgage. Moved in with the in-laws. He went from a $200,000 salary to working part-time at Walmart. He had the option of wiggle room but he wasted it.

The Azam-Rizwan Show

With a required run rate of 10, England, surprisingly, couldn't break the partnership of the best opening batsmen in the world. It's the highest ten-wicket win in history. This England team is definitely a contender for the World Cup next month. So, this is definitely a big win for Pakistan. Though, their weakness, the off-color middle order, wasn't exposed.

They had just completed the biggest 10-wicket win in T20 history and become the first pair to put a 200-run partnership in a T20 run chase, breaking their own record. But more than that, after relentless scrutiny and criticism, they had reminded their fans how brilliantly effective they can be.

Oh, they've been very effective. Babar had a few ugly matches which cost them the Asia Cup. However, the middle order simply didn't pull its weight. They nearly lost chasing 120 against Afghanistan! England and Australia have stronger players that can bail out the team when the top order fails.

A reader at Cricinfo sent the best comment:

Wajid Jawaid : "Don't worry England, we know this feeling. These two did the same to us. Love, India."

The template for the opposition is simple: break the opening partnership and expose the less experienced, weaker players who can't manage the spiking required run rate.

The Diversity has spoken!

Can't the UN find smarter coloreds?

They can always bury a few benjamins and wait a couple of months for the money to start falling.

The equality logic

Well, that's one way to solve the trans sports issue:

No need for separate sports? It would be amusing to watch a national event where all the participants are guys. Equality, bitches!

Leading the pack

Samsung makes some of the best NVMe SSDs but they've topped out at 2TBs for too many years. Finally, a big player goes big with NVMe drives:

Corsair has quietly added an 8TB SSD model to its MP600 Pro XT family of premium PCIe 4.0 drives and started their sales in Europe, perhaps months before the company begins sales of its next-generation MP700 SSDs with a PCIe 5.0 interface. The new drives offer a massive capacity, but their performance is slightly lower when compared to other SSDs from this family.

They are pricey but their speed, small physical size, efficiency, and better reliability make them superior to hard drives. Windows, games, and higher MP cameras are pushing capacities. It's nice to keep everything on one drive.


Vox Day:

The evidence against the Covid vaccines is on the verge of becoming undeniable by the mainstream. Between the excess deaths, the declining fertility, and the hard evidence being provided by embalmers around the world, the lethal nature of the vaxx is on the verge of being conclusively proven.

I heard about a young, healthy police officer who died suddenly just one day after his third vaxx shot. Who knows how many died directly because of the vaxxes? We can get an approximate number from the excess deaths.

Let's see how many NPCs wake up and realize that they gleefully and repeatedly jabbed themselves with poison.

Pay attention to tax rates

Yeah. Here, in the largest province of Canada, if one earns an annual income of $66,000, then the income tax amount would be $12,191. That's a 18.5% tax rate.

Instead of income, if a rich guy got $66,000 worth of "Canadian eligible dividends" from his investments, then his total tax amount would be ... $71. That's a 0.1% tax rate.

All this can be easily calculated but most stupid Canadians would still push for higher income tax rates.

Those bleeding heart liberals

Quite the comparison here: