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The Divine Deflection

My father had setup the receiver for new TV channels. He wanted to watch the Cricket World Cup as it happened. The New Zealand team had done well but they stumbled at the end. England had earned a spot in the final match but they were set to chase a tricky total. They fought hard for glory but wickets kept falling at regular intervals.

At the end, England lost. Pakistan won. That was the first live ODI cricket match I had ever watched. My dad provided his colorful commentary and cheers. I was familiar with veterans like Imran Khan and Javed Miandad. He talked of a new, chubby kid who had dismantled the undefeated Kiwis in the two prior games; some guy named Inzamam-ul-Haq. Of course, there was also the greatest bowler Pakistan had ever produced -- the Man of the Match of the 1992 Cricket World Cup final: Wasim Akram.

That was the third World Cup final for England and their third defeat. They had been set imposing totals to chase on each occasion and they failed every time. The country that invented the game still hadn't won the ultimate trophy. After the loss in 1992, England waited 27 agonizing years for another appearance in a World Cup final.


England crushed Australia, the defending World Champions, in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup. New Zealand punched above their weight and beat the mighty Indians to make it to their second successive finals appearance.

After 44 long years of failures, this new, powerful, energetic England side had the chance to become champions. They had beaten New Zealand before in the same tournament. Surely, it won't be so difficult this time. It should be a simple, straightforward, and a sensible victory for England as they are ranked number one in the game. Right?

The Kiwis won the toss and, of course, decided to bat. The weight of history was against England. Chasing sides often lost in this tournament and England had lost all their previous finals while chasing. The pressure built up right from the start. Pakistan scored 249 in 1992. The Kiwis managed 241 this time; a very tricky and competitive total. Nothing exciting or fancy so far.

Then, England started the chase. Matt Henry was getting excellent movement and Jason Roy edged and got out for a slim 17 runs. England 28/1.

After a few quiet overs, the best batsmen in the English side couldn't handle the mounting pressure. His body language clearly signaled his increasing frustration as he shockingly tried to charge and hit the ball but missed! He again attempted a strike but, like Roy, edged and got out for a painful 30-ball 7. England 59/2.

Bairstow was playing quite well. He tried to hit a four but chopped the ball back on to his stumps. England 71/3.

Morgan, the captain of the side, couldn't control his shot selection and hit the ball in the air, only to shout a NO! as the ball flew to Ferguson who took an extraordinary catch. England 86/4.

New Zealand had the momentum. Their fans were making a lot of noise. They needed only two more wickets and England would fall for the fourth time at the biggest stage of cricket!

The sixth man to walk out and bat for England was Jos Buttler who played the most significant and stunning innings of his life. He had made 59 runs off 59 deliveries before he got out to another spectacular catch. The game was truly alive. Either team could win at that point. England 196/5.

Only one man stood between New Zealand and their first World Cup triumph. Ben Stokes had been batting for nearly 22 overs. He had five overs to get 46 runs. It was all on him. He was fatigued. He looked shaken. The pressure on this man was unimaginable.

The Kiwis had choked the second-best team in the world a few days before. Now, they were utilizing their bowling talent to squeeze the top side in the world. "What a thrilling match! This game is going to the very last delivery," I thought and I was super right.

Over 46.1: Woakes hits the ball high in the air and the wicket keeper calmly collects it. England 203/6.

Over 48.3: Plunkett wants to hit a much needed six down the ground. Instead, it finds a fielder. England 220/7.

Over 48.6: Jofra swings the bat and the wickets are rattled. He leaked wides with his bowling and then: a golden duck. England 227/8.

England needed 15 runs off 6 balls for victory in the World Cup final. Few batsmen in history have felt the absolute maximum pressure. Ben Stokes had reached that level.

Over 49.1: Dot ball.

Over 49.2: Another dot ball. 15 from 4 balls. Advantage: NZ.

Over 49.3: Stokes gets down on one knee and smites the ball into the spectators. 9 from 3.

Over 49.4: The drama hits the stratosphere. The jaw-dropping moment of this final had arrived. The teams will swap the emotions of hope and despair. Stokes is running for his life to get back for two. He extends his bat and dives to make the crease, the fielder throws the ball which hits the bat and then runs away, and away, and away to the boundary. God must have looked down and said: Not today, Kiwis! No one who watched this match will ever forget The Divine Deflection.

The stadium erupts. England need 3 runs from two balls.

Over 49.5: Stokes isn't hitting any more sixes. He wants to run and reach 242. He gets one run while the other guy is run out. England 240/9.

Over 49.6: Stokes, again, wants two runs but the other guy has no chance. Run out! England 241 all out.

England needed 242 runs to win. They managed 241. This most epic of epic failures makes this the greatest World Cup final in history. After 100 overs of the most intense and thrilling cricket, we witness a tie!

We got Super Overs at the grand stage. Each team scored 15 runs each in their over. It's another tie! England hit more boundaries. The trophy comes home! England fought till the very end and with unbelievable luck won their first World Cup. Ben Stokes is the man. Williamson, the New Zealand captain, earns the Man of the Tournament award for his exceptional batting and captaincy. The Kiwis didn't let the opposition score more runs in the final but then they went home without the ultimate prize. It was just not their day.

The historical context, drama, pressure, intensity, emotion, the double ties, and that deflection makes this the greatest ODI match of all times.

Not at all British

We can't have Muslim bitches getting out of control:

Nyla Khan, a 30-year-old British woman who was born and raised in Scotland, has recently revealed how about 13 years ago she was forced to marry her cousin in Pakistan because her family thought she was getting "out of control".

During an interview with BBC Scotland, Nyla revealed that even though she knew from a young age that she was “promised” to marry her cousin, back then she felt stunned when her family went through with that scheme as they were “paranoid” about her possibly becoming "too Western".

Instead of talking to her, the family used marriage as punishment. Remember that under Islamic law, husbands are fully allowed to beat "disobedient" wives.

Not getting Trump

Kartik Gada left this comment at Instapundit:

Never underestimate the lengths a cuckservative will go to rationalize surrender, and then virtue signal about that surrender (and then be baffled as to why neither the left nor right has any respect for their stance).

Ed doubled down twice in the same day.

We should just create a surrender-oriented video game for cuckservatives, titled 'Call of Surrender' or something, so that they can be sequestered there.

(Laughs.) The Cucks are truly cowards. These recent tweets by Trump were employing magnificent rhetoric and forcing the Democrats to vigorously defend the extreme Leftist clowns knows as "the squad". Trump is showing real Americans that he's on their side.

Final: England vs. New Zealand

2019 Cricket World Cup Final: the country that invented the game, the country that I thought deserved most to win, won in the end. England lift their first World Cup.

New Zealand scored 241/8. Just like their semi-final against India, they'll need another spectacular bowling performance to win this match.

This is England's fourth World Cup final. They have built the strongest team in the world over the past few years. Today, they need to make 242 runs under pressure to finally lift the ultimate trophy. England has defeated New Zealand in this tournament before. Now, just once more.

The pressure gets to Root who goes for an ugly 30-ball 7. The Kiwis are playing very well. England needs to play sensibly and not take risks.

Bairstow edges it onto stumps. England needs a partnership. 71/3.

Spectacular catch by Ferguson. Morgan out. England unraveling at 86/4.

Finally! England build a fighting partnership. Stokes and Buttler are keeping England alive. Buttler's strike rate is very impressive given the context.

Jos Buttler stands and delivers for England. A magnificent half-century. 50 for Buttler, 50 for Stokes, and a 100+ partnership, all in the same over.

Buttler out for 59. The World Cup final is going for a thrilling finish.

The most thrilling 100th over of cricket in World Cup Finals history! After three bloody Final losses, the most powerful England side of the generation gets a fucking tie!

Now, comes the Super Over nonsense to decide the champion. Sigh. If you thought the pressure and drama couldn't possibly increase.

15 runs in the Super Over and then ... 15 runs in the Super Over! The Kiwis have fewer boundaries. Therefore, England wins the most thrilling World Cup final of all times.

New Zealand was ranked fourth in the tournament when the semi-finals started. They defeated the mighty Indians in the game before and today they tied TWICE! against England. However, their weak batting efforts got them in the end. The low number of boundaries became the deciding factor. They definitely punched above their weight and fought hard. There is no shame in making two World Cup finals in a row. Spare a thought for Kane Williamson. He scored close to 600 runs and took his team to the finals only to tie, tie, and lose. Williamson is the Player of the Tournament.

Injustice by design

The wickedness of the Islamic mindset is clear from this news story:

According to statistics obtained by Express News from across Punjab, 234 cases of honor killing were reported in the province of which six were withdrawn. As many as 400 out of 439 suspects involved in the 228 cases were arrested, but only 2% of the accused were convicted. A police source said that the main reason for this abysmally low rate of conviction is that the aggrieved party tends to reconcile with the suspects and the matter never ends up in court.

This is completely alien to the meaning of justice in a Western society as the government prosecutes murderers. However, in the Islamic world, one can slaughter a woman and then simply pay off the relatives for "forgiveness".

Once there is reconciliation, the complainants do not testify against the accused and, therefore, getting a conviction becomes difficult, if not impossible. He said that in cases of honor killing, the ratio of arrests is more than 90%, but the option to reconcile means that the culprits go largely unpunished.

What does it say about the values of Muslims when 49 out of 50 murderers get zero punishment? What does it say about the Western political elite who've opened the gates for these creatures? What does it say about a billion Muslims who're silent about these events?

Vile. Traitorous. Evil.

The Religion That Must Not Be Named

[...] her boyfriend was out walking the dog, named Leah, on Tuesday afternoon when he was robbed by the man.

“Leah yapped and he kicked her in the head so hard that she flew into the air. Then he went after her and kicked her again”, says the heart broken dog owner Rubi.

The dog later died of its injuries – a broken neck and a skull fracture, in an animal clinic. A taxi driver had then refused to let the dying animal into his car.

The monsters go after the innocents.

The robber is described as an approximately 180 cm tall, dark-skinned man with short hair and a beard.

Those colored youths

Lifeguards across Switzerland are routinely threatened and abused by migrant-background youths, according to the president of the country’s lifeguard association. [...]

“Unfortunately we find that those bathers who are out of favour with women are often young people and men with a migrant background. They are not used to women giving instructions,” he added.

Vice-president of the Swiss Badmeister Association Sibylle Rykart added that she had been the victim of attacks including threats and had been spat on. “It did not exist before. This disrespect is a sign of the times,” she noted.

Spat on today, sex-slave tomorrow.

Good for Cricket

This four-day-old article aged really well: An Australia-India final is likely and that's not good for the game.


The disappointing aspect of the 2019 World Cup is the predictability of the final four. Australia, India and England were always favoured, and solid New Zealand were most likely to be the other semi-finalist. That's exactly the way it has turned out after more than a month of scrapping.

A few paragraphs later:

The redeeming feature of this World Cup is that the best four teams of the tournament reached the knockout stage. However, the most likely outcome is an India versus Australia final. That is a fairly predictable outcome for a tournament desperately in need of a jolt - another India 1983, Pakistan 1992 or Sri Lanka 1996. And it needs that jolt pretty soon.

Ian Chappell is using the words "disappointing" and "redeeming" to describe the exact same cricket tournament!? Anyway, he should be very happy now that we definitely don't have an Australia vs. India final.

Australia vs. England

Cricket World Cup Semi-final: England crush Australia by 8 wickets with nearly 18 overs remaining! England and New Zealand have never won the World Cup. So, we'll have a brand new World Champion on Sunday.

Another semi-final, another catastrophic top-order failure! Australia reduced to 14/3 in under seven overs. The Aussies, the defending champions, are in danger of losing their first ever World Cup semi-final! Again, we'll need a spectacular bowling performance by the batting-first team to win this match.

England has been the strongest team for the past two years. The last time they made it to the finals was in 1992. They definitely have the firepower and the hunger to go all the way.

Aussies 166/7. If they can't crack 200 runs, then it'll be a T20 chase for England in an ODI match. Can't imagine the pressure on Smith.

That Smith run out was sick! The ball went between his legs to hit the stumps! Doesn't look like Australia's day. They're all out for 223 runs in 49 overs. England chased down scores of 340+ multiple times in May this year. Now, they have a smaller target but with infinite pressure. Again, just like India yesterday, this is England's game to lose now.

Wow. Roy smashes a six off Starc! England means business. 31/0 off only six overs. A safe and sufficient run rate of 5 from England. 40/0 off eight overs. Seven boundaries so far. Excellent start. Roy is playing very aggressively. No need for that reverse sweep. That six was enough damage for the over.

Starc comes back to bowl and gets taken apart! 15 runs off one over. England 95/0 after 15 overs. Only an epic meltdown of the England batting is going to save Australia.

Finch is out of ideas. He brings on Smith to bowl and HOLY SHIT! Three consecutive sixes! Roy is razing Australia!

124/1. The injured Bairstow is LBW. England need exactly 100 runs. The openers have given them a dream start. Oh! Roy robbed of his hundred. Given caught behind when the ball never touched the bat. Very poor decision by the umpire.

The last time England beat Australia in a World Cup match was in 1992. The last time Australia lost a World Cup semi-final was ... never. This new and powerful England team storms into the 2019 World Cup final by absolutely crushing the defending World Champions. Just one more win next Sunday! I have wanted them to lift the trophy from the start. They have definitely earned the right after years and years of toil, hard work, and heartache.

Those stupid Jews!

Muslims assault Jews:

A newly-published report from a leading Norwegian university on antisemitic violence in Europe has concluded that in six of the seven countries it surveyed, “individuals with backgrounds from Muslim countries stand out among perpetrators of antisemitic violence in Western Europe.”

Of course. Jew-hatred is at the core of Islam. Numerous Islamic countries don't even allow Israelis to enter their borders. The Jews who supported the importation of millions of Muslims into Europe are the dumbest people on the planet. They opened the gates to their own butchers.

Again, this shows how immigration is deadly for a nation. The Jews clamor for open borders in the false belief that multiculturalism and diversity will be beneficial for them. If they had read a few pages of history, then they would realize just how moronic that is. The continued assaults on them by the "New Europeans" prove that they're utter idiots. It also shows the natives that the Jews -- the earlier immigrants -- are not good for their country.

India vs. New Zealand

Cricket World Cup Semi-final: New Zealand managed only 239 runs in their 50 overs. 158 dot balls! One has to feel for Williamson. That man dragged New Zealand kicking and screaming all the way to the semi-final match but the other batsmen around him simply haven't put up enough runs. Now, they need to unleash the best bowling performance of the tournament to win this match. India has a simple task. Don't lose wickets and score a boundary once an over. With veterans like Sharma, Kohli, and Dhoni, this is now India's game to lose.

Well, with that said, Sharma is out for a 4-ball one!

Kohli also gone for one! Wow. Over one billion people shocked!

That's the only way the Kiwis can win: get India out. And they've started spectacularly.

Holy shit! Rahul gone for ... one!

India 5/3 after 4 overs in a World Cup semi-final. Wow.

Old Man Dhoni walks out with India crumbling at 71/5 with 23 overs gone.

62 runs from 36 balls. Dhoni still there and Jadeja has played the best innings by a number 8 in a World Cup semi-final.

100-run partnership. One billion people have hope!

Dhoni run out! What a magnificent throw from Guptill! What a match!

The game goes to the final over but the Indian fans are dejected. It would have been an epic comeback from 5/3 if India had won.

What a two-day semi-final! New Zealand fought hard to take down the number one team of this tournament. They will go to their second World Cup final in a row.

Tomorrow: Australia vs. England. Australia has never lost a World Cup semi-final! Let's see if England can create history.

Expensive real estate

Renting an apartment alone is a bad choice; better to share one:

New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. are often spotlighted for their astronomical housing prices. But a new report finds that it’s not just the coasts that are facing an affordability crisis: A full-time worker earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour cannot rent an affordable two-bedroom apartment anywhere in the country, where affordable is defined as comprising up to 30% of a renter’s budget.

A year after I started working, I had two jobs. In total, I made around $900 a month. My monthly rent for one room in a three-bedroom apartment was $300. So, not affordable. That was twelve years ago. It's a lot worse today.

They have to go back

Rape threats, beating with clubs, throwing rocks. The last year’s ordeal for the neighbours in a small vicinity of Grums, Sweden, is more and more turning into a nightmare. A child gang consisting of 8-12 year old migrants puts the neighbourhood in such a fear that Swedish children no longer go outside and play.

The Swedish children are paying for the ridiculous virtue signalling of their parents.

Mothers Kajsa and Malin live in the neighbourhood. “They have thrown rocks, beated kids up with steel pipes and sticks until they’ve started to bleed. The worst one was a strangling grip which resulted in marks on the child’s neck. But it’s also about sexual threats: “I’m gonna sex you” or “I’m gonna rape you”, Malin says to the Swedish Union of Tenants newspaper, Hem och Hyra.

One Swedish girl is terrified of leaving her apartment:

“One of my girls cry at night and want us to go to our trailer because she’s so scared. And we cannot tell them to stop either, out of fear for revenge. They will put trash in our letterboxes or attack my children even more when I’m not around. Or, if you tell them to stop, they show a lot of attitude. As an adult, to get spitted upon in the face and being told “I’m not listening to you because you’re a woman” and to be called words I never use, that is extremely offensive. It might sound strange for someone who has not experienced it, but you kind of lose everything when a child does such things to you and you don’t know what to do”, Malin says.

Send them back to their shitholes.

The Last Straw!

An unexpected lethal weapon:

Metal straws may be eco-friendly, but a coroner has warned of the potential dangers they pose after a woman in England died last year in a freak accident.

Elena Struthers-Gardner, 60, sustained a traumatic brain injury after falling while carrying a mason jar-styled drinking glass that had a screw-top lid at her home in Dorset on Nov. 22, an inquest heard on Monday. [...]

When Struthers-Gardner fell, officials said the 10-inch metal straw pierced through her eye and into her brain.

I'll stick with plastic straws.

A lot of skeletons

Sex trafficking? Blackmail? Money laundering? Mafia connections? Royalty and powerful politicians implicated? This could be big.

Welcome to Toronto!

A memo for sardines in tin cans:

Commuters passing through Union Station will see some changes starting today as they navigate between their GO Transit and TTC connections.

Just wait till you read the last sentence:

The revitalization project that began at Union Station in 2011 is expected to be completed by September 2020, five years after the original end date and tens of millions of dollars over budget.

That place has been a disaster zone for almost a decade! I avoid it as much as possible.

The AfroNazis!


Is this not illegal?

The AfroFuture music festival in Detroit is charging white people double the price for a ticket compared with people of color, in a move they claim will ensure marginalized groups are given “equitable chance at enjoying events in their own community.”

What wonderful wokeness!

The festival, scheduled to take place August 3rd, offers different pricing structures depending on whether the attendee is white or a “person of color.” For white people, or “non-persons of color,” early bird tickets cost $10, compared with $20 for people of color. For those purchasing tickets closer to the event, white people will pay $40, compared with $20 for people of color.

Let's see if the laws are enforced.

AMD Ryzen Stuns


The Ryzen 9 3900X is a 12-core, 24-thread processor with a massive 64MB L3 cache. It runs at a base frequency of 3.8 GHz with a boost frequency of 4.6 GHz. It costs $500, placing it in direct competition with the Core i9-9900K. Then the Ryzen 7 3700X costs $330 and AMD suggests it’s taking on the more expensive 9700K. It's an 8-core, 16-thread CPU with a 32MB L3 cache and clocks ranging from 3.6 GHz to 4.4 GHz.

Just two years ago, AMD launched the first eight-core consumer processor. Today, they launched the first 12-core consumer CPU.

They'll be releasing their high-end, 16-core CPU for the consumer market in two months! Granted it's priced at $749, so almost nobody will buy it but still that's an impressive jump in just a couple of years.

The most stunning performance improvement:

The changes AMD made with the Zen 2 architecture have had a profound impact on WinRAR performance, for example. The 3700X is a staggering 84% faster than the 2700X, allowing it to comfortably beat the 8700K and almost match the Core i9-7900X. The 3900X also put on a show, though it was only 15% faster than the 3700X and couldn’t quite match the 9900K. Overall a remarkable performance uplift over the 2nd-gen parts.

Every YouTuber is going to love the new Ryzen CPUs:

We use Adobe Premiere on a daily basis, currently with a TR 2950X. Here we see the 3900X is 8% faster than the 2920X, so the 3950X will beat the 2950X when it’s released in a few months' time, we can’t even imagine what the 3rd-gen Threadripper series will deliver.

Ryzen is faster, cheaper, and uses less power than comparable Intel CPUs. Unless you're a hardcore gamer who cares about every extra fps, Intel has got nothing today.

A Poisoned Park

For countries, refusing entry to Muslims is a good start but they can't forget that in a materialistic world one particular cult is very seductive. Islam is a poison of the mind that can inflict a member of any race:

A 23-year-old South Korean man is under investigation for allegedly seeking to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group, and preparing for a terrorist attack while he was serving in the army. [...]

The man surnamed Park, 23, was found to have stolen an ignition device for explosives while being trained at an army engineer school after joining an infantry unit near Seoul in October 2017, broadcaster KBS reported.

Australia vs. South Africa

These two teams have played each other five times before in World Cup matches. South Africa didn't win any of those games. Today, with ZERO pressure, the South Africans are coming close to making history.

The Indians will definitely be happy if Australia lose. That will make it India vs. New Zealand in the first semi-final. I would be very surprised to see the Indians lose that game.

The tenacious Aussies drag the match to the very last over. South Africa hang on to win by 10 runs. The Aussie middle order collapse doesn't look good.

1st Semi-final: India vs. New Zealand.

2nd Semi-final: Australia vs. England.

Australia has never lost a World Cup semi-final. England definitely has a tough, high-pressure game ahead of them. Let's see if my choice final game materializes: England vs. India! 

India vs. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is in the process of getting crushed. They made 264/7. You know you're in trouble when the other team has one guy who alone can score 264.

Speaking of that one guy, Rohit Sharma just became the first man in history to score five hundreds in a single World Cup tournament. Also, today, he got his third century in a row. Those three scores read: 102, 104, 103. Sharma is likely upset with himself for scoring those "small" hundreds. Maybe, he's saving a double for the last couple of matches ...

India at 203/1.

India 265/3 in under 44 overs. Sri Lanka take a few wickets but in the end it was an easy win for the Indians.

Bangladesh vs. Pakistan

Pakistan scored 315/9. They needed a miraculous 307-run victory to make the semi-finals. They'll be going home after this match. Their utterly miserable and mediocre performance against the West Indies cost them a spot in the semi-finals.

Their star batsman did as well as can be expected. The MVP, Babar Azam scored 474 runs, averaged 67.1, with three half-centuries, and one century. Fakhar Zaman, the man who owns the record for the highest ODI score by a Pakistani, failed to deliver. The top-order combined scored 491 runs. By comparison, the two mighty Australian openers have scored over 500 runs each in eight matches so far. No wonder, the magnificent bastards are number one in the tournament.

Anyway, Haris Sohail and Imad Wasim did their jobs well. Amir and the new Afridi took 16 wickets each. In fact, Afridi has the best figures for a Pakistani bowler in all World Cups. He's still a teenager! So, it wasn't all bad. They did fight and beat two of the four semi-finalists. They have the same number of wins as the Kiwis who made the final four. Again, the poor net run rate -- the deciding factor -- is their own doing.