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It makes most TV shows and movies so boring. When you see black or Muslim characters, you know that they'll be portrayed as poor, naive, hapless victims and the real bad guy is going to be some White guy.

The classic example is The Sum of All Fears. The Tom Clancy book had Muslims as the terrorists who succeeded in blowing up the Super Bowl stadium. Hollywood nuked that idea. The villains in the movie? Those super bad Nazis, of course.

Painful lessons

Most White people are ignorant of outside races and cultures. They think that others are decent, diligent, moral, sensible, hard working, and trustworthy. They are simply projecting their beliefs and personalities onto others.

Once, a colleague was telling me a story about her time at a university. She worked on a project with a Muslim guy, likely, from an Arab country. He invited her to dinner. She went with her husband. The food was quite delicious. She asked him about his wife. He said that she's eating in the kitchen.

What!? She cooked all this food and she's not here! We're two couples and we can't have a nice dinner together!?

He said that she can't "associate" with a non-Muslim. This co-worker soon realized that the Muslim wife basically never leaves the home. She is a prisoner who isn't allowed the privilege of merely talking to infidels.


Look at the 20th century. Leftist policies were implemented again and again and again. The result? Death and carnage. Mountains of corpses in China, Soviet Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, Afghanistan, and Africa. The most important lesson from history is that people don't learn from history.

The big positive for the US is that in most states the population can legally defend itself with lethal weapons. So, it won't be as catastrophic as it was in the mentioned examples.

Very true

Too many people simply don't save money. After tax income went up by $20,000! Well, what do you know, spending went up by the exact same amount! Such creatures can win a $10 million lottery and then be dead broke a few years later.

Grovel more

What's next? Probably, trillions in reparations to the angelic joggers.

Real wages crushed

I wrote earlier:

Many years ago, I was a math tutor in a high school. My wage was $15/hr. At the time, the minimum wage was $8/hr. Fast forward a few years and I learned that the same school is paying $12/hr to their new math tutor. The minimum wage? $11/hr. In other words, a 25-years-old university graduate was making $1 per hour more than a teenage grocery store worker. The situation was worse for the new tutor -- higher living costs plus a decrease in the nominal wage!

Cernovich provides his experience:

Considering how bogus the CPI is, that wage should be much higher. Just looking at rent, utilities, and food, the wage ought to be, at least, $36 an hour today. Instead, it's $12. To top it off, retarded boomers tell these young workers that they're lazy for not buying a house!

"A thing for death"

It was so easy for the media and the government complex to push the "be a good vaccinated person" narrative and fool society. For those who study history, it wasn't a surprise.

New "Canadians"

Vox Day was right:

Most people thought I was exaggerating when I said that even indoor plumbing would be lost if the war for the West was won by the globalists. Now they are beginning to understand that I meant it quite literally and without exaggeration.

Reddit has been nuking the VERY BAD RAYCISS posts about Indians who are defecating on beaches. The problem goes beyond that:

It’s not just small towns. The demographic OP speaks of does the same thing in Oakville, Burlington, Brampton.

My relative works for the city of Brampton, human shit in public parks has become a serious problem.

Imran Khan didn't kill himself

It's never boring in Pakistan:

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the immediate release of Imran Khan, the former Pakistan cricketer and Prime Minister, from custody after declaring his arrest "unlawful" on Thursday. The Chief Justice of Pakistan's Supreme Court, Umar Ata Bandial, ordered Imran's immediate release after the warrants through which he was arrested in Islamabad on Tuesday were also declared null and void.

One part dangerous and one part incompetence:

"They want to either arrest or disqualify me because they are scared [of the fact] that my party is one of the most popular in Pakistan's history," Imran Khan had told Al Jazeera in March, as attempts to arrest him from his residence in Lahore were underway. Last November, Imran suffered bullet wounds to his leg after an assassination attempt while he was leading a protest march in Wazirabad in Punjab.

The moral gold standard

Please, don't insult the polygamous, child-raping, slave-holding, genocidal prophet of Islam. If you do, then there will be "mostly peaceful" consequences. Also, do import millions more of these lovely Muslims.

It's too damn high!

A chicken burger combo at McDonald's goes for $15 in Canada. A grocery store nearby often has fully cooked chickens on sale for $7; add some bread, cheese, and a drink and that's three meals for $3 each. This means that an atrocious fast food combo is five times more expensive than simply putting a sandwich together at home. Now, start comparing to an average restaurant and the price can easily be more than ten times higher.